Linejunk Online Marketplace

At Custom Truck One Source, we’re extremely proud to partner with Linejunk ( – a premier website for line industry people to shop, learn and give back to the 106,947-strong lineworker community in the United States.

It’s a one-of-a-kind destination, where linemen go to:


Linejunk started out in 2013 as a niche digital marketplace with a small collection of merchandise for people in the lineman trade. As demands grew, so did the collections, and today you get the best selection of Lineworker apparel, accessories, stationary, bags and gear for the whole family.

Lineman caps, hoodies, shirts and shoes, for example, for men. Lineman pride jewelry, watches and swimwear for women. Linebaby onesies, frocks and toys for kids. Coffee mugs, decorative wall arts and linen for the house. The list goes on. Nothing celebrates linemen heroes in the family more than cool, high-quality merchandise that honors the lifestyle!


The website gives linemen even more reasons to visit with a robust collection of resources that teach, guide and advise. Whether you’re looking to learn more about becoming a lineman or need information on safety, teaching centers, job boards etc., Linejunk is the place to go.


The Linelife Foundation at Linejunk started as a volunteer program where women members of linemen families offered emotional support and hands-on assistance in times of disasters and tragedies. The group, named Linelife Hearts And Hands is now a division of the 501(c)(3) Linelife Foundation.

Today, they have yet another growing group, Linelife Leaders, that includes men and women who want to volunteer and go above and beyond to help in the industry. The foundation also has the capacity to organize direct fundraisers for families so that a cut is not given to GoFundMe and the families get 100% of the money raised. These efforts are giving workers peace of mind, while on the job, that their family will be supported and never be left alone by their own linemen community.


To support our linemen friends, we have partnered with Linejunk to give you a small gift whenever you shop on the website. Through November and December, you will receive a free CTOS bottle opener along with the goods you purchase. What better way to open a bottle of your favorite drink to toast the joys of the Holidays?

Don’t wait until the last minute. Start shopping at the Linejunk now and pick up a CTOS add-on with our season’s best greetings.


Happy Holidays!