75-Ton Reel Trailer

Since 1956, Load King has been setting benchmarks and raising the bar on the production of world-class trailers and other heavy equipment in the United States.

A key brand name under the Custom Truck One Source umbrella, Load King has become synonymous with cutting-edge innovations and engineering excellence that maintains its position as market leader in the industry, year after year.

“In spite of several changes of ownership in its past history, Load King has hired great people from the very beginning and proven its brand value as a top-tier manufacturer,” says Tom Norcross, President of the company. “In 1960, Load King won `Patent of the Year’ for the Folding Gooseneck, and to this day, we still own the market share. Many people have tried to duplicate it, but with no success.” The Bottom Dump was another trailer Load King brought to market, calling it the `Originator’ because it was the first one of its kind.

After about nine years of status quo, during which time not a whole lot was going on by way of innovations, Load King is now experiencing a significant number of upgrades and overhauls since Custom Truck One Source bought the company three years ago.

For example, the new ownership has introduced the 60-Ton Lowboy featuring a 20-inch Loaded Deck Height and a distinguished range of features and options that was declared to be one of the top 100 new products in 2018 by Construction Equipment Magazine.  The Double Drop Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck Trailers has a life expectancy far greater than the industry standard. The lightweight 65 Ton 2-3-2 Heavy Haul has done very well for the company. And of course, the 18 in. Loaded Deck Height was brought to market back in May 2016 and has become Load King’s number one seller. “Because we recognize that everybody’s equipment is getting taller and heavier, we are giving them options for lower loaded deck height,” says Norcross. “This means they can move trailers more efficiently without pulling permits, etc.”

Close to 2 million dollars have been spent in re-hauling the Load King factory and the majority of production work is now being done in-house. “We now have a 65-ft burn table that Load King never had,” says Norcross. “We have a brand-new press brake, and a new beam welder. With increased efficiency and more thorough quality control, we are more in control of our destiny than we ever were before.”

Every innovation Load King is bringing to the market today is driven by the 28 years Tom Norcross has spent on the dealership side of the business. A mentionable case in point is that manufacturers are getting away from larger customized trailers. “We just delivered one to Patriot Well Solutions that is a very unique 75-Ton reel trailer, designed to hold larger reels for the oilfield. In the first quarter of next year, we will be building a couple of 80-Ton folders which will work in tandem to pull one large mining truck. So we’re still very active in the custom side of things. We’ll build anything from a 35-Ton to a 100-Ton trailer.”

“We listen to our customers and dealers and try to address each and every one of their pain points,” Norcross continues. “This is an innovation in itself because the industry as a whole has always been comfortable in an environment of status quo, and therefore slow or reluctant to make any changes. By succeeding in adding value to our products, introducing solutions and really listening to dealers and customers in the marketplace, we are increasing Load King’s market share at a very fast pace. Load King has gone from having no backlog and 2 million dollars worth of trailers on the ground to now, when we cannot build them fast enough. People are noticing the hard work we are putting in, and we’re proud and grateful for all the appreciation.”

Watch this space for more news about exciting products and services coming from Load King in the near future.

Meanwhile, happy 63rd anniversary!