variety of custom truck load king equipment

As milestones go, 2021 will be significant for most companies, and Load King is no different. We have a rich history, and our future is bright. The anniversary before us is an important one; while we reflect on our history of success, we want to recognize this anniversary. This year marks 65 years of transformation, growth, and partnership. 

Let’s set aside the past for a moment and project ourselves forward. Load King has proven that it continuously puts out high-quality, innovative products. This remained true even amid a global pandemic and several other cultural touchstones and difficulties over the past 65 years.  As we look ahead, product development, design engineering, manufacturing, and the supply chain will continue to be crucial to our success.

As our customers have come to expect, as an organization, we will prioritize our core operations. Our focus is building a backbone that runs from our consumers to their worksites, making it seamless to get the job done. We will continue to meet customer demands and exceed customer expectations through new productivity, growth, and sustainability. 

 Manufacturing is an ever-evolving field, constantly mixing new ideas and innovations with old-school know-how to create exciting opportunities for today’s clients. Rest assured, Load King has the history and the foresight to open the door for genuinely innovative offerings. We are ready to take our company and yours into the next 65 years.