A red wind vane against a blue cloudy sky helps predict weather patterns

No matter what plans people have in store next year, the weather patterns will likely play a central role in how they decide to spend their time. When informed, people can adjust their plans accordingly and approach the new year with a sense of confidence. Weather predictions are particularly important for those with jobs that outdoor conditions heavily influence. This includes farmers, pilots, truck drivers, meteorologists, and more.

Regardless of a person’s lifestyle or career, there’s no question that weather patterns play a significant role in their lives. Here are the top 1st quarter 2021 weather predictions to keep an eye out for next year.

Weather Predictions in the Southern U.S.

Currently, the southern United States is suffering from numerous areas of drought. These conditions will likely worsen during the first quarter of the new year. In addition, the South is projected to experience warmer conditions than usual as a direct effect of global climate change.

These weather patterns are partly due to the presence of La Niña, an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon that takes place across the east-central Equatorial Pacific. La Niña causes strong winds to blow warm water across the surface of the ocean. This leads to warmer and drier conditions throughout the South.

Weather Predictions in the Northern U.S.

1st quarter 2021 weather predictions look very different in the North than they do in the South. Conditions in the North early next year are mainly characterized by wet weather. The weather may also become aggressive at times, with heavy storms projected to take place towards the beginning of 2021. Furthermore, the northern United States can expect to prepare themselves for cooler temperatures than usual, particularly during the frigid winter months.

La Niña hasn’t only affected weather conditions in the South. You can also expect this phenomenon to have a significant impact on weather predictions in the North. When warm winds spread across the surface of the Pacific, it often leads to colder and wetter conditions throughout the Northern U.S. This effect is a direct opposite of the effect on the South.

Preparing for 1st Quarter 2021 Weather Patterns

The weather has the power to influence numerous aspects of everyday life, particularly in the vocational trucking industry. Not only can these events be demanding on their own, but they often become even more stressful when one doesn’t know how to properly prepare for them. Fortunately, by paying attention to 1st quarter 2021 weather predictions and planning accordingly, you can make the most of the expected weather patterns no matter what the new year has in store for you.