Lightning PTO

Our First Fully Electric Hydraulic Pump Unit

Bucket Trucks that are used to maintain the electricity grid are powered by hydraulics to lift the operator into position. To turn the hydraulic pump of a bucket truck a PTO is attached to the transmission of the truck. The diesel engine runs constantly during a normal day running the PTO of the truck while the lineman work from the bucket. With the Load King Lighting PTO the only time the truck engine runs is transportation between jobs. When the lineman arrives on the job site they can now switch on the Load King lighting PTO which is powered by two Lithium Ion batteries. This system allows the Lineman to position the bucket truck without running the diesel engine. The advantages are below:

Lightning PTO Key Benefits:

  • Up to 2,000 Gallons of Fuel Savings Per Year
  • Up to 44.6 Tons of CO2 Emissions Reduction Per Year
  • Reduced Maintenance Decreased Truck Maintenance Up to 69%
  • Reduced Hydraulic Oil Movement – Extends Life of Hoses, O-Ring, Valves, & Other Components
  • 85% Noise Reduction from Standard PTOs
    • Safer Jobsites
  • Meets Government 5-Minute Idle Restrictions

Ease of Use:

  • Key Switch, PTO Switch, & Master Switch are Continually On While Using Lightning PTO
  • Easy Shifting Between Lightning PTO and Regular PTO
  • Built-In Converter Allows Operator to Keep Truck Key On While Using Lightning PTO
    • Charges Truck Batteries
  • Full, On-Demand Lightning PTO Engagement, Fully Controlled From Aerial Platform
    • Improves Run-Time by 29% Compared to Other Systems
  • Fully Hybrid Redundant System

Charging Lightning PTO:

  • Charges Using Standard 110VAC Outlet
  • 5-Hour Charge Time (Full Charge)
  • Standard Charge While Driving Feature Achieves 1% Charge for Every 5-Minutes of Driving Time 

Installation & Support:

  • Installs on New & Existing Fleet of Equipment for All Major Brands
    • Terex
    • Versalift
    • Altec
  • Parts Readily Available Through Load King Service Network 

Telematics & Reporting:

  • Standard Telematics with 3-Year Paid Subscription
  • Reports Fuel Savings
  • Reports CO2 Emissions Reduction
  • Reports Maintenance Savings
  • Customer Portal – Lightning PTO Benefit Tracking & Reports for Individual Units & Entire Fleet

Learn More About The Lightning and How You Can Save Thousands a Year In Gas,
Engine Times, and Reduce Emissions with an Electric PTO