Equip & Prepare Your Forestry Team with our Forestry Equipment Kits!
Equip your crews with a complete set of tools with Custom Truck One Source's Forestry Equipment Kits. All kits are customizable and include items such as Hand, Hydraulic & Powered Tools, Accessories, Grips, Hoists, Rigging & Worksite Equipment and as always, important Safety Tools & Equipment.

Equip & Prepare Your Forestry Team with our Forestry Equipment Kits!

Complete Forestry Solutions in One Package
Hand Tools: Our kits empower your team with the essentials allowing you to tackle any task.
Powered Tools: Designed to make light work of forestry challenges. From trimmers to chippers, our kits have you covered.
Hydraulic Tools: Time honored and crafted for efficiency and ease of use. Unleash the force you need to handle any forestry project effortlessly.
Grips, Hoists & Rigging: Ensure everything ends up where it needs to go. From ropes to blocks; these tools will provide you with a full set of control tools.
Worksite Equipment: Cover all your bases with a range of worksite equipment tailored to forestry operations.
Safety: Prioritize the well-being of your team with our comprehensive safety gear. From hard hats to high-visibility vests, we've thoughtfully included all the essentials to create a secure working environment.
Big Mouth Double Pulley Pruner With Adapter and Pruner Rope (1)
Hand Saw with Orange Handle (1)
Saw Head (1)
16-in. Tri-Cut Saw Blade (1)
Limb Raiser (1)
Six-ft. JE Extension Pole (2)
Six-ft. JE Base Pole
Battery Chain Saw (1)
Hydraulic Long Reach Pole Chain Saw (1)
Tool Tray (1)
Round Bucket (1)
Bucket Mounted Long Reach Hydraulic Saw Holder (1)
Chain Saw Holder (1)
Handline Assembly 0.5 in. x 80-ft. Drop (1)
Block for Above (1)
0.5-in. x 600-ft. Handline Rope w/ Tracer (1)
5/8-in. x 600-ft. Double Braid Rope (1)
Cant Hook 4.5 in. Long (1)
Pole Lifting Tongs (1)
Men Working Roll Up Sign (2)
Sign Stand (2)
28-in. Cones (6)
Hard Hat w/ Rechargeable Headlamp (1)
Go Light Remote Control Light (1)
Class 3 Safety Vest (1)
Chainsaw Chap, Ear Huff Helmet, Work Glove and Safety Glasses Kit (1)
Outrigger Pads 1in. x 24in. x 24in. (2)
Wheel Chocks (2)
5-lb. Fire Extinguisher