When you work in construction or utility fields, few pieces of equipment are as crucial to your operations as reliable vehicles. In addition to transporting workers to job sites, powerful trucks are necessary to tow or carry materials from one point to another. The right vehicle cab and chassis make your daily tasks easier, so Custom Truck One Source offers you automotive technology to boost your business’s efficiency.

Choose us for new and used cab and chassis setups you can use to maximize profits.

What Are Cab and Chassis Offerings?

A chassis truck, or a chassis cab truck, differs from a traditional pickup in a few ways. A chassis truck only features the front section of a vehicle with frame rails directly behind the cabin. Professionals purchase cab and chassis builds to complete their setup the way they see fit, which might involve adding on a specific bed for relocating lumber, landscaping materials and tools.

You can use chassis trucks for building, electrical work, forestry jobs and waste management. For some, a chassis truck is a perfect solution for hauling materials because you’ll have control over the upfitting process. Build the powerhouse vehicle you want from the ground up.

Benefits of Our Cab and Chassis Trucks for Sale

Custom Truck One Source supplies you with numerous options for chassis trucks. Determine the exact size of a vehicle before you purchase to plan for your busiest days on the job. Whether you want a brand new chassis truck or something used with low mileage, we can assist you. Look forward to the following benefits when you buy cab and chassis technology from us:

  • Fuel savings: Drive your truck without a bed attached to save fuel on short- and long-distance trips.
  • Customization: Add a back-end truck attachment that makes sense for the jobs you complete.
  • Impressive payloads: Chassis trucks are known to support higher payload capacities compared to pickups.
  • Excellent compatibility: Our chassis trucks feature short frame rails, so you can pair equipment from diverse manufacturers on your vehicle.

We Offer New and Used Cab and Chassis Trucks

At Custom Truck One Source, it’s our mission to get you the best chassis trucks for your applications. Our headquarters is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and we have over 35 locations throughout the U.S. to help you see chassis trucks prior to purchase.

Get the latest chassis truck models for your industry through Custom Truck One Source or find excellent deals on used models that have plenty to offer. Find a chassis truck’s horsepower, the model’s year and other details within our product descriptions.

Why We’re The Right Choice for Chassis Trucks

Custom Truck One Source offers you a long list of benefits when you purchase chassis trucks:

  • Exceptional prices: Find some of the lowest prices in the industry for new and pre-owned chassis trucks.
  • 24/7/365 support: Feel free to call our trained technicians when you have questions about your equipment.
  • Wide service network: Have our team take care of vehicle repairs when you need us most.
  • Helpful sales staff: Custom Truck One Source has more than three decades of experience in the industry.

Get a Quote for Cab and Chassis Offerings Now

Want more information about our vehicles? You can request a quote online for further pricing details today.

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