When you work in the construction or utility fields, there’s a good chance you’ll have to dig holes for power lines, plumbing connections and structural beams. While you could perform these jobs manually, they call for hours of physical labor. Instead, you can rely on the experts at Custom Truck One Source for pressure digger trucks.

Dig through dirt, mud, concrete, and grass with precision. We’re your source for new and used equipment offerings that make your daily tasks much easier.

What Is a Pressure Digger?

A pressure digger allows you to create deep holes in tough surfaces with control. In some cases, pressure digger dirt augers are able to dig holes over 90 feet deep for installations and repairs that take place underground. Whether you’re working with plumbing, waste management systems or new structures, buying a pressure digger saves you hours of shoveling on site.

Benefits of Pressure Diggers

Having pressure diggers on your worksite helps you to stay efficient. Dig far into surfaces in minutes rather than days. Custom Truck One Source sells more than one pressure digger model so that you can dig to the depths necessary for any project. Expand into new opportunities with the help of a brand-name pressure digger from Custom Truck One Source:

  • Accurate digging: Set a dirt auger attachment to move straight down into surfaces. Our pressure digger trucks for sale and rent allow you to reach great depths without making a huge mess on site.
  • Low maintenance: Pressure diggers from the best brands call for little upkeep between uses.
  • Powerful digging: Select pressure digger trucks support upwards of 43,000 ft-lb of drill torque.
  • Various drill speeds: Dig into dirt and soil at speeds appropriate for your applications.

Advantages of Getting a Pressure Digger From Custom Truck One Source

Custom Truck One Source learns your equipment expectations to make recommendations for your fleet. Whether you rent pressure digger trucks or purchase from us, we provide you with the highest level of customer service.

All of our listings online display information you’ll want to know about a pressure digger before using it. Discover how far you can dig, the amount of torque available and whether or not a truck has all-wheel drive prior to buying.

We’re happy to provide customers with a long list of benefits for pressure diggers:

  • Large inventory: You can shop multiple pressure digger models to find one that’s right for your team.
  • Industry-leading brands: Find new and used pressure digger models from Watson, Terex and more.
  • Convenient service: Custom Truck One Source completes equipment maintenance and repairs for you.
  • 24/7 call support: Talk to an experienced technician at any time to resolve most issues over the phone.
  • Custom equipment: Our professionals can equip your pressure digger with various drill attachments.
  • Incredible prices: You’ll walk away with a new or used machine for a competitive rate.

Contact Us for a Pressure Digger Pricing Quote Online

Custom Truck One Source has new and used pressure digger trucks available now. For a pricing quote, please submit a form and we’ll get back to you with details about specific models.

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