Box Trucks for Sale

Box trucks provide the solution for those seeking an enclosed vehicle for transporting goods. These trucks work well for local transport of sensitive goods that can’t be exposed to the elements. With a refrigerator component, they can also work for temperature-controlled products like food.

Custom Truck One Source offers new and used box trucks for sale. Our selection includes various brands and sizes, giving you an option to suit your operation. Call us for a quote on any of the trucks you see online.

The Options We Offer

Our box truck selection includes a range of vehicles in different sizes, with the storage area ranging from 20 to 24 feet. They come from respected manufacturers like Battle Motors and Isuzu. Some other brands we commonly sell include Freightliner, Ford, Ram and Chevrolet.

Box trucks have a range of features depending on the one you choose. They vary in class from six to eight. Some require a commercial driver’s license to operate, while others can be driven with a regular license. Most box trucks we sell use an automatic transmission, which makes them more user-friendly. They run on diesel, providing power and longevity, so your truck purchase lasts many years.

Reasons to Purchase a Box Truck

Box trucks offer many specialized uses. You may purchase the vehicle to move bulky or dry goods. They’re beneficial for objects that need an enclosed cargo area, like packages. Box trucks with a refrigerator component work well for temperature-controlled goods like foods and pharmaceuticals. Typical box truck purchasers include:

  • Moving companies
  • Package delivery services
  • Food delivery companies
  • Furniture sellers
  • Appliance transporters
  • Storage facilities

Here are a few reasons you might buy a box truck for your operations:

  • Privacy: A box truck lets you move goods around without letting people see what you’re transporting.
  • Maneuverability: These trucks are easier to drive than semi-trucks, making them a good choice for local driving.
  • Gas mileage: When used for nearby transport, box trucks are more fuel-efficient than larger vehicles.
  • Efficiency: If you currently use an enclosed trailer for transport, switching to a box truck can save you the trouble of hooking the trailer up every time.

Why Buy From Us?

We understand that your truck purchase is more than a one-time sale. During the purchase, we offer financing options to support your bottom line. After you buy, we support you every step of the way with service and parts to keep your truck in good condition. Once you’re ready to sell your vehicle, we offer auctions where you get all the proceeds when your truck sells. Here are a few more reasons to buy from us:

  • Experience: Our history in truck sales since 1996 means we’re a valuable partner for your box truck purchase.
  • Testimonials: Hundreds of positive customer reviews demonstrate our commitment to excellence on your behalf.
  •  Reach: Wherever you are in North America, we likely have a location nearby where you can purchase trucks.

Get a Quote

Need an idea of what you’ll spend? Custom Truck One Source can provide a quote to assist you in determining your costs. Reach out to our sales team over the phone to discuss pricing for our box truck offerings.

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