Cable Placers for Sale

Find the best cable trucks on the market at Custom Truck One Source. Since Posi+ is the best manufacturer in the industry, all the cable trucks for sale on our site are from this company. In terms of capabilities, versatility, durability, and serviceability, Posi+ cable placers are streets ahead of the competition – and Custom Truck One Source is the exclusive provider of Posi+ cable placers in the U.S.


How can I buy a new cable truck from Custom Truck One Source?

We have dozens of locations across the U.S. and some in Canada, enabling us to serve customers in the utility and telecoms industries across North America. Whether you’re on the East Coast or West Coast, the North or the South end of the country, you will find a Custom Truck depot close to your business. If you want to speak to us before coming to see the trucks, we recommend calling us on 844-299-4841 to talk to a member of our team, or you can use the request a quote form to ask for pricing information on the cable trucks in which you are interested. Once we know exactly what you are looking for, we can provide you with all the information you require on where your new truck will come from and what you need to do next.

Why are Posi+ the best cable truck manufacturers?

We believe that Posi+ makes the very best cable placers currently available for a number of reasons.


  • Posi+ non-insulated lifts are designed and manufactured to exceed and not just meet industry safety regulations. In a sector where safety is always in the spotlight, this is undoubtedly an important benefit.


  • Whether you are looking for large or small cable trucks for sale, you will find the Posi+ models offer exceptional range and maneuverability, making them a highly efficient choice for all types of cable placing operations.


  • The trucks are manufactured to very high standards, ensuring maximum durability in the field.


  • LineRunner cable trucks are very simple to maintain, helping your business reduce running costs and avoid unexpected delays due to equipment breakdowns. Our technicians are available to perform routine maintenance and repairs if required, and we can provide many other useful services too.

If you would like to know more about the advantages these trucks have to offer, please call 844-299-4841 to speak to one of our representatives.

What other types of trucks do you supply?

We supply a comprehensive selection of trucks for telecom industry companies and companies in other industries, including bucket trucksservice trucksvacuum trucks, and rail trucks. We also have pole and reel trailerspulling/tensioning equipment, and other essential equipment for sale and rent. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your truck, trailer, and equipment needs, whatever they may be.

If you are looking for a type of truck or trailer that you cannot see on our website, please feel free to contact us now for expert assistance. We have an extensive range of equipment across the U.S. and Canada and can almost certainly provide you with what you need.

What sets Custom Truck One Source apart from other truck suppliers?

At Custom Truck One Source, we offer all the services you need for your cable trucks and trailers. In addition to supplying new cable trucks for sale and rental trucks, we are able to provide full technical support for all the equipment we supply. Furthermore, we offer a strong modification and complete customization service for companies that need a particular truck for a special application. If you have looked at all the cable trucks for sale in North America and you just can’t find one that meets your specific requirements, you can get in touch with our team and request a price for a truck that is made to your specifications. What’s more, we offer competitive financing for all new purchases, making it easy for you to acquire the trucks and equipment you need for your business activities.

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