Vocational Trucks for Sale

When you need to perform a particular job, it helps to have tools and trucks built for the purpose. Vocational trucks have designs that suit specific applications, whether you are hauling away debris or transporting dry goods. Come to Custom Truck One Source for a supply of vocational trucks for any job. We have grapples, manhaulers, flatbed trucks, vans and other vehicles. Browse our selection online and contact us for a quote on any of the trucks we sell.

Getting a Truck to Do the Job

When you need a machine that does one job and does it best, vocational trucks provide the solution. These trucks are custom-built to perform particular tasks. This design means they’re highly durable for their specific industry uses. When you purchase a vocational truck, you get a vehicle that will serve your operation long-term with less need for maintenance.

They increase efficiency with features that simplify the job, including sufficient storage space and lifts to assist in unloading. Their customized design allows you to find a truck that works for your unique needs. Well-planned trucks also include features like better visibility to improve handling on the road.

The Vocational Trucks We Sell

Custom Truck One Source has an extensive selection of new and used vocational trucks for sale to suit your operation. We even provide auctions, which can save money and give you even greater variety to choose from. Our selection of vocational trucks includes:

  • Grapple trucks: These vehicles have a powerful arm or bucket that allows the operator to pick up waste materials and place them in the back of the truck for hauling. They serve applications like handling bulk waste in forestry, construction and industrial settings.
  • Heavy haul tractors: A heavy-duty three- or four-axle semi-truck allows you to move giant loads. You might use this machine for equipment hauling or oversized loads.
  • Manhaulers: When you need to haul small loads to job sites quickly, choose a manhauler. These trucks are modified pickup trucks with a flatbed up to 16 feet long for storing all your supplies.
  • Flatbed trucks: These vehicles include plenty of storage space for hauling loads of any size and shape. They allow for applications like moving machinery, scrap or building materials.
  • Box trucks: Transport various dry goods with an enclosed truck that has plenty of space for boxes or pallets. We also sell refrigerated trucks for moving perishable goods.
  • Vans: These vehicles provide smaller enclosed transport options that are ideal for moving tools to various job sites. They can also seat a large number of passengers for convenient transport to the job site.

Why Choose Custom Truck One Source?

Custom Truck One Source is your one-stop shop for vocational trucks and related services. In addition to selling these vehicles across the United States, we also provide truck parts and service to maintain your vehicle. Trucks are a significant investment for your business. To lighten the load, we offer financing options to make the purchase more affordable.

Contact Us for a Quote

Once you find the ideal vocational truck, use the listed sales contact information to get a quote today.

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