Roll-Off Trucks for Sale

To complete massive garbage-hauling jobs efficiently, you’ll need a dependable roll-off truck. As an industry-leading provider, Custom Truck One Source offers a reliable large-scale solution to streamline any disposal, cleanup or transport operation. Our roll-off trucks for sale are perfect for waste and refuse businesses and many others that require a way to relocate loads as efficiently as possible.

Types of Roll-Off Trucks We Offer

Each type of roll-off truck has unique advantages, so it’s essential to choose the right one. Explore our types of roll-off trucks for sale, which include:

  • Cable hoists: Cable hoists like the Galbreath U5-OR-174 can unload at lower angles, making them ideal for heavier loads and job sites with low overhead clearance.
  • Hook hoists: If you need a multipurpose solution, a hook hoist may be what you’re looking for. These trucks can accommodate numerous types of containers, optimizing your fleet size and budget. A model such as the Palfinger T29L is an excellent choice for shorter containers or crews needing ground-level loading capabilities, faster changeover times and in-cab operations.
  • Small trucks: A small truck like the Galbreath WT-1216-EX is perfect for light-duty tasks. It has a weight and length capacity of 20,000 pounds and 18 feet, providing a great balance of maneuverability and power for projects like landscaping.

FAQs About Our Roll-Off Trucks

Our customer support is what makes us an industry leader. We address your most common questions proactively, giving you the knowledge and resources to return to work quickly.

How Much Does a New Roll-Off Truck Cost?

Your roll-off truck’s overall price will vary based on the model’s specifications and any additional fees like delivery and registration expenses. At Custom Truck One Source, we strive to offer the best deals on the equipment you need. Our tight-knit relationships with the most reputable manufacturers worldwide give you access to superior solutions at the right price.

Why Should I Choose Custom Truck One Source’s Roll-Off Trucks?

To find quality roll-off trucks for sale, you’ll need an experienced provider. Customers like you have enjoyed our unique advantages for over 30 years. When you choose us, you’ll receive:

  • A single-source solution: With Custom Truck One Source, you get more than a new or pre-owned roll-off truck. We also offer comprehensive aftermarket services, asset liquidation and a wide range of truck types for every job and application. Have a short-term project? Our large rental fleet can accommodate your needs.
  • In-house financing: Staying cost-effective is easy with our flexible in-house financing options. We’ll help you get what you need and maximize your budget with payment terms of up to 84 months.
  • Specialized, nationwide service: No matter where you are, you’ll have access to our trustworthy industry experts, 24/7 remote customer service team and over 35 service centers across the country.

Can I Trade in My Old Roll-Off Truck?

Yes, you can. When you buy a new roll-off truck from us, we’ll give you a fair deal that aligns with your old one’s make, model and condition.

Request Your Quote Today

Whether you’re renting or adding to your fleet, a single investment can change your operations for the better. Request a competitive quote today! You can also contact us for more information about our roll-off trucks for sale.

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