Hogg & Davis ODP40-HO Single Drum Puller

The new 2020 Hogg & Davis ODP40-HO (High Output) model was developed only for Custom Truck One Source. This new puller offers a 57% faster pulling speed without the loss of the 4,000 lb. top of drum rated pulling power. This is achieved with a new higher horsepower diesel engine and newly designed hydraulic system. This speed improvement provides Custom Truck customers a 57% advantage in production time to pull in a single phase of the line construction pulling process (compared to the previous ODP40 model).

Custom Truck also offers two rope options for this machine. This ODP40-HO will hold either 15,500’ of 5/8” PE12 style rope per drum or 22,000’ of 7/16” CT12 Ultrex high strength-small diameter rope per drum with a 5:1 safety factor.