Terex XT70 Pro Forestry Bucket Truck (3)


With working heights from 45’-75’, toolboxes and high-capacity chip boxes, our Terex Hi-Ranger XT Pro Series forestry bucket trucks are perfect for all types of tree maintenance, trimming, and general line clearance work. Terex is one of the very best forestry bucket truck manufacturers in the world today — producing a variety of capable models with a choice of chassis and all the features you need to do your job.

As the experts on all forestry bucket trucks, please feel free to reach out to discuss everything you need to know about buying a forestry bucket truck. We also have general FAQs on our website with answers to commonly asked questions about our rental and sales services.

Whether you are interested in new forestry bucket trucks for sale or you would like to rent one with the intention to buy later, Custom Truck is the one-stop-shop that can meet all of your requirements.

Contact us today for pricing information on the new forestry bucket trucks we have available for sale in the U.S. — or use the pricing request form on our website.


Are your forestry bucket trucks in good condition?

Every new forestry bucket truck in our fleet is in perfect working order. Whichever make or model you buy from us, you can expect it to arrive in great condition — both inside and out.

All of our rental tree-trimming bucket trucks are replaced on a continual basis, to ensure that our fleet remains up to date and all maintenance and repair tasks are performed to the highest standards. Thanks to the hard work of our in-house maintenance team, we have hundreds of Happy Customers across North America who always come to us whenever they need an arborist bucket truck they can rely on completely.

Which forestry bucket truck brands are the best?

In our opinion, Terex is the leading forestry bucket truck manufacturer in existence today, producing a range of highly capable, fully-featured trucks. Also producing excellent Skidders/Timberjacks, Terex equipment has a reputation for outstanding performance, reliability and value for money. If you’re looking for smaller machines for jobsites with limited access, we can recommend Skylift/Versalift backyard bucket truck. Terex, Skylift, and Versalift are all names known throughout the forestry industry and with good reason — their vehicles are well made, robust, designed to perform flawlessly in harsh environments, and come with all the features you need.

Do you offer short-term rental agreements for tree trimming trucks?

Yes, we do. All of the tree service trucks in our fleet are available for weekly and monthly rentals. Whether you need a truck for a short period of time, to complete a specific job, or you’re looking for a tree trimming truck that you can use for the rest of the year, you’ll find our rates and terms very attractive. We offer a flexible rental service from multiple Locations across the U.S., designed to meet all the needs of Forestry Industry maintenance teams at economical prices. You can check availability at any time by calling or messaging us.

Can I reduce my forestry bucket truck costs with your rental service?

Our rates are among the most competitive you will find — and because every truck in our fleet is superbly maintained, you won’t face lengthy delays due to breakdowns when you deal with us. If something should go wrong with your trucks, we offer a highly responsive support service — call any time, night or day, and our team will help you to solve your problem in the shortest time possible. Whether you need to hire a bucket truck for tree removal or general maintenance work, you’ll find our rental service cost-effective and very convenient