A telehandler is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have on a job site, especially in the construction, building supply and forestry industries. Relocating and placing materials is a frequent task, so it makes sense to have a few of these machines around.

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What Are Telehandlers?

Telehandlers allow you to pick up, move and gently place items like bricks, rocks and wooden planks. Depending on the variety of telehandler you use, different attachments can be paired to suit your applications.

Telehandlers work similarly to forklifts, though the boom arms resemble that of a crane. Equipment operators drive the machines from inside a cabin where they can move boom arms for loading tasks. Move building materials to working heights without the physical labor.

Common Uses for Telescopic Handlers

Professionals rely on telescopic handlers to load construction trucks and relocate supplies in challenging conditions. Most telehandlers feature rugged tires that enable you to drive on grass, gravel and dirt so you can effectively navigate job sites — even when terrains are uneven.

Custom Truck One Source sells telescopic handlers that help you do everything from repairing buildings to installing plumbing systems several stories above the ground.

Advantages of Telescopic Handlers

Consider our telehandlers for sale for the perks below:

  • Drive on different terrains: Telehandlers are capable of moving on grass and asphalt for versatility.
  • Impressive reach: Using a telehandler allows you to raise materials upwards of 45 feet in the air.
  • Various attachments: A telehandler can perform similar jobs as a forklift or crane based on the attachment.
  • High load capacities: Finding the right telehandler enables you to move several tons of material at once.
  • Increased safety: Select telehandlers enclose the operator inside a cabin to protect the driver.

We’re the Best Choice for Telescopic Boom Equipment

For the past 30 years, Custom Truck One Source has made a name for itself as a single-source provider of truck and heavy equipment solutions. Our experts know the types of telescopic boom technology businesses require, so we go out of our way to sell new and used telehandlers from our more than 35 locations in the U.S.

Find out a telehandler’s horsepower, maximum lifting height and capacity when you click on one of our listings online. Only Custom Truck One Source provides you with these benefits when purchasing heavy equipment:

  • Customization services: Our technicians will equip your telehandler with the attachments you want for success. Ensure your new or used purchases perform as expected when it’s time to complete a job.
  • In-house financing options: Pay for new and used telehandlers on a plan that works for your budget.
  • High-quality equipment: The telehandlers you see for sale are inspected by members of our team.
  • 24/7 call support: You can speak to a trained technician with questions about your telehandler at any time.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Our widespread service bays make it easy to schedule repairs in remote areas.

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