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Every job opportunity with us means more than just joining a team; it's about becoming part of a dedicated family committed to reshaping America's landscape. As leaders in our field, we offer abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth. Begin your journey today and discover where your potential can lead us.

Who We Are

Custom Truck One Source is more than a company; it’s a story of ambition, growth, and unwavering dedication. Thirty years ago, in a humble three-bay garage, Custom Truck was founded by the Ross siblings with just 15 employees. Our company started small but had a big vision — become an icon in our industry by providing the best trucks, equipment, and service to our customers. Fueled by this vision and our commitment to quality and service, we soon grew to become the largest single-source provider of commercial trucks and equipment.

Since the start of our story, we’ve expanded to over 37 locations in the United States and Canada with over 2,500 employees. Best of all, we’re just getting started. We continue to grow quickly and purposefully, adding new products and services and expanding our geographical footprint. Our future is bright, and we invite you to join us in this next exciting chapter of our history.

Why Join Us

Joining Custom Truck One Source offers a unique blend of growth, engagement, and rewards, setting the stage for a fulfilling career. Our commitment to developing talent shines through our STEP program and comprehensive training opportunities, fostering professional growth. Immersed in a culture that champions collaboration and innovation, you’ll find a supportive environment where your contributions are valued. Coupled with competitive benefits, we provide the tools and atmosphere to not only succeed but thrive. This is where your career journey transforms into an impactful adventure.

building Your FUTURE Starts Here: Our Power is in the People

Explore the dynamic world of Custom Truck One Source, where each role is a step toward rebuilding America's backbone. Here, your work directly impacts the development and maintenance of essential infrastructure, supported by a community that values dedication and skill. We invite you to search for a position in our company, where the possibilities are as vast as the landscapes we help construct, offering you a career that grows with you and encourages your journey toward excellence.

our people
Erin Porter Testimonial
Call Center Manager

"There are so many layers to Custom Truck that include good management, competitive benefits, and a fun work environment. I love Custom Truck!"

Custom Truck One Source is rooted in family values that have shaped the company culture. This family foundation is not just a part of its history; it’s a living, breathing aspect of how the company operates. Employees at Custom Truck One Source experience a sense of belonging and unity that’s rare in the corporate world. It’s a place where relationships matter and where everyone is treated like part of the family.

This family-like atmosphere means that people are genuinely cared for and valued. The company’s approach goes beyond the usual work relationships, creating an environment where everyone feels supported and important. This has helped Custom Truck One Source build a loyal team and achieve lasting success. The company’s way of working reflects the original vision of its founders, showing that family values can indeed be a strong foundation for a business.

Building a Strong Team: Drive with us into future success

Embark on a career at Custom Truck One Source and be part of our mission to power the nation's infrastructure with innovative solutions and dedicated service. Our doors are open to those ready to challenge themselves in a supportive environment, fostering personal and professional growth. By searching for a job with us, you're looking at a future where your contributions make a significant impact, aligning with a team that's committed to excellence, resilience, and transforming communities across the country.

Our Core Values

At Custom Truck One Source, our core values are the bedrock of our identity, guiding every action and decision we make. From fostering an environment of care and respect to embracing the challenge of solving complex problems, our values reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation. We are driven to deliver outstanding results, collaborate effectively, and continuously spark innovation. These principles not only define our approach to business but also how we connect with our customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve, ensuring a legacy of positive impact and continuous improvement. They serve as the guiding principles that shape our interactions and drive our collective efforts to cultivate a positive experience and culture for both our employees and customers. These values are not just words on paper; they represent the essence of who we are and how we operate, ensuring that every action we take is aligned with our overarching mission of empowering and serving our community.




At Custom Truck One Source, our commitment to Care & Respect is foundational, influencing how we interact within our team and extend outward to our customers, suppliers, and the communities we’re part of. This value underpins our dedication to treating everyone with dignity and consideration, recognizing that mutual respect and genuine care are essential to creating positive and lasting relationships. It’s about more than just business; it’s about fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.




“Solve Problems Like a Mechanic” embodies our zest for tackling challenging issues head-on. With curiosity and resilience, we delve into the complexities that face our customers, driven by the belief that there’s always a solution waiting to be uncovered. This value fuels our approach to work, inspiring us to think creatively and persistently until we find effective, lasting solutions. It’s about going beyond the immediate fix to ensure our solutions are not just effective but also sustainable and forward-thinking.




Driven to Deliver means owning our roles, stepping up with initiative, and using our determination to enhance our work and fulfill our promises. This drive pushes us to achieve results that matter, ensuring we meet and exceed expectations through hard work and dedication. Our drive to deliver goes beyond just achieving targets; it involves a relentless pursuit to exceed them, demonstrating how our collective efforts contribute to exceptional achievements.




Engaging Collaboratively is a cornerstone of our culture at Custom Truck One Source. It means we actively support and listen to one another, sharing ideas and perspectives in a way that fosters unity and innovation. This collaborative spirit is essential, ensuring we leverage the diverse talents and insights of our team to achieve superior outcomes. By working together, we harness the full potential of our collective expertise to overcome challenges and drive forward with solutions that benefit everyone involved.




Sparking Innovation drives us at Custom Truck One Source to constantly push boundaries and embrace fresh approaches. It involves a commitment to exploration and learning, ensuring we not only adapt to industry advancements but also lead them. This proactive stance on innovation empowers us to refine our skills and methodologies, keeping us at the forefront of our field with visionary solutions and practices.

Fueling Your Future: Where People Drive Success

At Custom Truck One Source, we don't just offer jobs; we provide pathways to careers that matter, driving the nation's infrastructure forward. Join our team and immerse yourself in a culture of innovation, collaboration, and respect, where your potential can truly unfold. Start your journey with us by searching through diverse opportunities that promise not just professional growth but a chance to be part of something bigger, contributing to a legacy of strength and reliability across America.

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