Training for Career Growth

At Custom Truck One Source, our training programs are designed to empower our team with the knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities necessary for success. We are committed to fostering a learning environment that encourages growth, innovation, and excellence, ensuring our employees are equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our training initiatives reflect our dedication to professional development and our belief in the potential of every member of our team.

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Leadership Training Program

The Leadership Training Program at Custom Truck One Source is a meticulously crafted initiative designed to nurture and elevate our leadership talent pool, ensuring our organization has the capable and ready individuals to drive our operations, support our people, and foster growth. This comprehensive program encompasses a diverse range of workshops aimed at equipping participants with the essential skills and traits needed to excel in leadership roles within CTOS.

Participants engage in hands-on workshops covering various topics such as:
• Strengths Assessment
• Power of Influence
• Effective Communication
• Business Acumen
• Performance Management
• Decision-Making
• Developing People
• Leading Change
• Inspiring Others

These workshops provide practical applications and insights to link leader competencies and strengths with driving performance, fostering alignment with our vision and strategy, and creating accountability within teams.

Following the workshops, participants become part of a Bridge Team, forming peer circles or cohorts where they can connect, share experiences, and support each other in applying the skills and concepts learned. This post-workshop support ensures continuous growth and development among our leaders, fostering a positive culture of collaboration and learning within our organization.

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Custom Truck University

Custom Truck University embodies our dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, offering extensive training programs that cover everything from technical skills to leadership and management. This initiative is a testament to our belief in empowering every team member with the knowledge and skills needed for their professional growth and our collective success. Through a diverse range of courses and learning opportunities, we’re committed to ensuring that our team is equipped to meet the challenges of today and innovate for the future.

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Join Custom Truck One Source’s Internship Program and dive into meaningful, real-world job opportunities spanning our corporate, production, and service environments. As a high-growth company, Custom Truck One Source is heavily invested in building training and development opportunities for early-career individuals. As an intern at Custom Truck One Source, you’ll have plentiful opportunities to create real, tangible value, with no limit to where you can take your career. Throughout our history, we’ve welcomed interns in various areas including Accounting, Engineering, Marketing, Supply Chain, Service, and IT. Come be a part of our dynamic team and kickstart your career with us!

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Technicians can achieve 5 levels of accreditation, ranging from the lowest tier (Apprentice Technician) to the highest tier (Master Technician). Tier placement based upon initial assessment performance, certification and continuing education credits from the CTU learning management system, years of experience, leadership/mentorship, and managerial input. Each of these factors are weighed and a credit point value is assigned. Once a technician achieves a certain number of credit points and experience, they achieve the corresponding tier.

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