Vocational Truck & Equipment Rentals

With a fleet of over 9,000 trucks for rent in 35+ locations across North America, we’re the biggest and best single-source provider serving a multitude of industries from forestry and telecoms to oil & gas, construction, and rail. And because our rental trucks are serviced by a team of 270 highly-trained technicians, you know that support is always there when you need it most. We have a 24-hour call center staffed by qualified technicians, answering calls 24 hours a day and attending sites across the U.S.

If you can’t afford for your trucks to sit idle waiting for repairs, our well-maintained fleet is just what you need. Faults are rare and when they do occur, our technicians make sure they’re fixed without delay. We have more than 490 production and service bays spread across the country and our in-house technicians are able to solve many problems over the phone.

Rent trucks now and buy later

In addition to standard rental contracts, we also offer RPO (rental purchase option) agreements. With an RPO agreement, you can rent the trucks you need now, without spending valuable capital, and acquire them outright at a later date.

Request a quote now for the commercial truck rental you need and don’t hesitate to call 833-305-RENT (7368) if you need any assistance.

Become a Rental Customer

In order to get set up as a rental customer, you must complete a credit application, read over and sign our Master Rental Agreement (MRA), and provide proof of insurance. Download all rental documents and an example of a COI (Certificate of Insurance). Once you have all three documents completed, please email them to [email protected].