Dielectric/Hot Line Tools for Sale

Working around energized equipment can be hazardous without the right tools. When setting up power lines, completing power grid repairs, or building new structures, your team needs tools that will allow it to work without increased risk of injury.

At Custom Truck One Source, we understand that electrical power systems are at the center of your business. We offer our own engineered dielectric fiberglass tools, as well as equipment and accessories by other great brands.

Browse our wide variety of dielectric tools and increase your utility job capabilities.

What Are Dielectric Tools?

Dielectric tools are insulators that do not conduct electricity and prevent electrical currents from making contact with their users. You might use dielectric tools to install and test electrical systems or ensure existing setups are functioning as intended.

From dielectric ladders that let you reach working heights to clamps, jumper cables, ratchet cutters, safety platforms, and more, you can count on our team to help find what’s right for a job. Custom Truck also has dielectric equipment available for some of the most competitive prices on the market, making it affordable to expand your tool portfolio.

Uses for Our Dielectric Tools

Professionals use our dielectric tools for various installations and repairs. Our selections are used by construction, telecom, and utility companies responsible for designing and maintaining electrical systems for residential and commercial structures.

We assist customers in finding dielectric tools for applications including:

  • Setting up barriers around electrical equipment.
  • Connecting primary electrical lines to transformers.
  • Replacing electrical poles.
  • Positioning electrical wires in specific locations.

Why Trust Custom Truck One Source for Dielectric Tools?

Custom Truck One Source is invested in your projects. Our professionals want to see your team step into new opportunities and increase your bottom line. Therefore, we carry dielectric tools from reputable brands to keep your operations moving.

Unlike the competition, we offer you exceptional customer perks for dielectric tools:

  • Top-quality equipment: Custom Truck One Source sells dielectric tools that are popular and hard to find. Clients will notice superior equipment.
  • Informative product descriptions: Know what materials our dielectric tools are made from prior to purchase. Our experts let you know details like the dimensions, weights, and intended applications.
  • Dozens of U.S. locations: You can visit a Custom Truck One Source location to see dielectric tools up close.
  • Continuous support: You can speak to one of our representatives 24/7/365 for help with your dielectric tools. We answer most questions over the phone and will drive out to your site to provide help when necessary.

Get a Quote for Dielectric Tools Online

Custom Truck One Source sells the best construction and maintenance equipment available for your industry. To learn more about pricing, fill out a form to get a quote for our dielectric tools.