A reliable crawler crane makes a difference in your heavy lifting or off-road projects. Custom Truck One Source offers industry-leading crawler cranes for sale and rent to help you do your best work. For superior quality, flexible financing and ongoing customer support, there’s no contest.

Best Uses for Your Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes have tracks that make maneuvering easier, even with a heavy load or uneven ground. Their stability is ideal for long-term projects or those with high lifting and reach requirements. Crawler cranes suit numerous industries, including:

  • Construction: Crawler cranes can lift heavy building materials across significant horizontal and vertical distances. They’re an asset to many construction projects, from roads to tall buildings.
  • Oil and gas: Oil and gas operations often require off-road capabilities and heavy-duty lifting. A crawler crane provides the mobility and high lifting capacity needed to transport weighty equipment and supplies over undeveloped areas.
  • Agriculture: Crawler cranes remain stable and mobile on job sites with soft surfaces or existing buildings. They’re useful for equipment installation or facility construction.


Buying a crane is a significant investment, so it’s essential to choose the right one. Custom Truck One Source carries crawler cranes for every lifting and reach requirement from manufacturers like Terex and Mantis. Our crawler cranes for sale include the following:

  • Mantis 10010MX: The Mantis 10010MX features a 50-ton lifting capacity, an 11.5-foot reach, and an adjustable boom and jib. With the Tadano AML-C LMI system, you can easily monitor your crane’s configurations.
  • Mantis 15010MX: For increased stability and efficiency, this larger Tadano model will deliver. The Mantis 15010MX has a 77-ton lifting capacity and built-in customization of components like the track and frame system, boom and jib.
  • Mantis GTC-1200: Complete any heavy-duty task with the Mantis GTC-1200, which has an impressive 130-ton lifting capacity and 155-foot reach.
  • Terex HC80: The Terex HC-80 combines utility with comfort. The operator’s cab provides enhanced visibility and ample room to watch this 80-ton crawler crane get the job done.
  • Terex HC110: This model enhances the benefits of the HC-80 with the ability to lift up to 110 tons and reach up to 230 feet — perfect for tougher projects.

How Much Does a Crawler Crane Cost?

A quality crawler crane saves you production time and money in the long run. If you’re budgeting for one, factors that will likely affect the total price include:

  • Freight and delivery charges
  • Sales tax
  • Vehicle titling and registration fees

Custom Truck One Source works with your cash flow. Whether you finance your own purchase or choose one of our flexible in-house financing solutions, we’ll help you develop a payment plan that fits your needs and budget.

Why Customers Come to Us to Buy Crawler Cranes

We go beyond selling and renting trucks and heavy equipment. As a single-source provider, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our comprehensive support includes:

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