Utility and construction companies rely on track digger derricks to dig deep post holes. Digger derricks can also hoist long objects like utility poles and assist with various material handling and lifting tasks.

If you’re looking to buy a track digger derrick from a reliable company, Custom Truck One Source is your top choice. We have an impressive list of new and used digger derricks for sale at competitive prices.

4 Signs You’re in the Market for a Digger Derrick

Purchasing a track digger derrick is a great idea if you work with plumbing pipes, electrical wiring or building foundations. Consider one of our new or used equipment options if the following is familiar to you:

  1. Your workers spend hours digging manually.
  2. You need to dig several feet with control.
  3. The industry you work in requires you to dig through sand, gravel or grass.
  4. You frequently dig where track-based vehicles are needed.

Why Buy a Digger Derrick for Your Company?

If you need a digger derrick to stay competitive in your field, purchasing is a smart business decision. We give you access to new technology and low-hour listings for your peace of mind. Know you’re getting a high-quality track digger, as Custom Truck One Source only sells models by names you’ve heard of before.

Buying a track digger derrick allows you to expand your operations quickly. Purchase one machine or multiple models from Custom Truck One Source and you’ll always get jobs done by the deadline you set. When you purchase your own track digger derrick, your business can forget about scheduling equipment rental dates. Cut back on the amount of manual labor your team must perform with equipment that will always be there for you.

Additionally, our track diggers for sale serve as assets for your business. Use new and used equipment for as long as you want. You can always trade them in at a Custom Truck One Source location to get a discount on all-new machines in the future.

Benefits of Buying a Track Digger From Custom Truck One Source

Whether you’re a utility contractor or construction company dealing with muddy job site conditions, we have digger derricks for sale to meet all your needs. We’re the biggest and best single-source equipment supplier in North America with a vast selection of top-quality machines and tools.

When you search our inventory, you’ll find track digger derricks with sheave heights ranging from 42.5 feet to 115 feet, allowing you to tackle jobs at virtually any height. With boom lifting capacities ranging from 22,400 to 50,000 pounds, these track diggers lift heavy loads with ease.

Our highly trained technicians inspect all of the new and used digger derrick offerings we have available, providing support when you need it most. We also have a 24-hour call center staffed by qualified technicians to help you troubleshoot any issues post-purchase.

Purchase a New or Used Track Digger Derrick Today

Request a quote for track digger models from Custom Truck One Source today. We offer some of the best equipment on the market at prices you can agree with. You can also visit us at one of our many locations to see some of our new and used offerings in person.

If you have any questions about our digger derricks for sale, feel free to contact us at any time. Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer all your questions and help you find the right equipment option for your needs.

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