Flip Axles for Sale

When you need more strength at a moment’s notice, you likely won’t have time to get your hands on a larger trailer. A flip axle trailer offers the unique ability to flip down an extra axle, which will provide you with a larger weight capacity for a more dependable transportation experience.

What Are Flip Axles for Trailers?

Flip axles are a comprehensive axle assembly that distributes the additional weight of a load. When the cargo exceeds the weight capacity that each axle can manage, extra axles are needed to ensure the trailer has enough strength to carry the load. On a trailer, flip axles are attached to the rear of the frame by using hinge plates and pins.

They either connect to the trailer’s leveling valve or are used with a hand control valve. When they’re needed, these axles can flip down either using a crane or internal hydraulics so they’ll ride level on the ground. When no assistance is needed, they can flip up or be removed.

Find New and Used Flip Axle Trailers With Us

At Custom Truck One Source, our professionals want to help you find the best parts and equipment for your budget. If you’re looking for the newest and best flip axle trailer models with high-end technology and hydraulic flipping capabilities, we will work with you to select one that checks off all the right boxes.

For those seeking to get the most out of their money, we also offer first-rate, used flip axle trailers. These trailers operate as intended and undergo thorough inspections and testing carried out by our technicians to give you the confidence you need. Used equipment is a fantastic way to reap the rewards of high-quality machines while saving money.

Superior Service at Custom Truck One Source

Custom Truck One Source offers comprehensive heavy machinery and truck services across the nation. From our ever-growing new and used equipment selection to our asset disposal services, we are the first, true single-source provider who works hard to meet your business’s needs.

You’ll always have the support you require from our team of technicians, who are standing by in our locations across North America, ready to help you. We also provide:

  • Decades of experience: We have been the go-to service provider for the last 30 years, supplying industries like telecom, rail, construction, and waste and refuse with the equipment and machines they need.
  • Equipment customization services: When you’re in the field, you need to have machinery tailored to your specific job. Our technicians can help you design and manufacture the ideal equipment that improves productivity and streamlines your process. 
  • Support when you need it: A team of 150 experienced technicians manages our call-in center to provide you with assistance 24/7/365 to ensure you’re up and running in no time. 
  • In-house financing solutions: Our team offers flexible financing and leasing options that will help you create comfortable payment schedules.

Learn More About Our Flip Axle Trailers Today

Custom Truck One Source is a trusty full-service provider ready to help take your business to the next level. Learn more about our pricing by submitting our online form to request your quote. You can also contact our team of technicians with any other questions you have about our new and used flip axle trailers for sale.

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