Covers and Housing

Purchase covers and housing for industrial equipment through Custom Truck One Source. We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier of covers and housing for fasteners, equipment and installation points. Our products are available at competitive prices in regions throughout the contiguous United States and Canada, so request a quote today.

Protection for Installation Points and Fasteners

Installing a crane or new bed will leave screws exposed. Damage to those screws will make it more difficult to remove the equipment when necessary, costing your fleet time. Additionally, removing auxiliary equipment like a utility crane from your vehicle will leave you with an open space that is susceptible to debris and moisture. Custom Truck One Source has solutions to these problems.

Our protective covers safeguard installation points and fasteners on your vehicles, preventing damage that would slow you down. We manufacture covers using dependable materials like rubber and steel to provide the level of protection necessary for the application. Shop online to purchase a cover for your fasteners and installation points.

Housing for Critical Vehicle Components

Vital components within your machinery require extra protection. Custom Truck One Source offers housing for critical systems such as engines and gears. Our housing equipment withstands force, pressure, moisture and heat as your equipment operates. Purchase engine or gear housing from us to maintain uptime and maximize efficiency.

Custom Solutions for Your Fleet

Custom Truck One Source is your partner for custom protective solutions. We build covers and housing for specific machinery by following your precise specifications. Our in-house manufacturing experts will collaborate with you to design parts that satisfy your needs. We deliver premium products with rapid lead times, so feel free to customize your housing and covers with us.

Overnight Delivery for Covers and Housing

We meet demand fast by offering overnight delivery in many parts of North America. Our delivery team dispatches to even the most remote locations to bring your order to your facility or job site.

Custom Truck One Source Branches Near You

There are more than a dozen Custom Truck One Source branches in the contiguous United States and Canada. You can order covers and housing online, and we’ll fulfill the purchase at your nearest Custom Truck One Source location. Each branch has a full supply of stock covers and housing, with representatives ready to help you with your order.

Request a Quote

Custom Truck One Source is the premier supplier of covers and housing for screws, boom arm insert points, engines, gears and other critical components. We offer competitive, transparent prices for all covers and housing, so request a quote for a comprehensive estimate.

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Item # 802-01607
Dimensions1.94"L x 6.5"W x 0.38"H
Weight1.18 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 729-02254
Weight0.01 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 1039104
Dimensions19"L x 20"W x 25"H
Weight90.32 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 216656
Dimensions0.45"L x 0.1"W x 0.13"H
Weight0.01 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # CVR00524
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 861-90472
Weight6.46 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 802-01572-P2
Dimensions9"L x 8"W x 0.15"H
Weight1.59 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 215162
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 802-01586-P7
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # LRG00208
Dimensions7.8"L x 5.12"W x 4.3"H
Weight2.13 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 1240-143
Dimensions0.75"L x 0.75"W x 0.5"H
Weight0.07 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # T123712
Dimensions11"L x 5.13"W x 11.07"H
Weight1.51 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # T111906
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # BDY00152-30
Dimensions13.11"L x 5.96"W x 12.7"H
Weight4.71 LB
Unit of MeasureEach