A truck’s driveshaft performs the critical function of delivering torque generated by the transmission to the differential, which then carries it to the truck’s wheels. Symptoms of a malfunctioning driveshaft can include loud clunking noises, difficulty making turns, and intense shaking or vibrations from underneath the vehicle.

If it’s time to replace a broken or malfunctioning driveshaft on one of your trucks, Custom Truck One Source can meet your needs. Our Kansas City, Missouri-based company has been helping fleet managers and owner/operators keep their vehicles on the road and performing well since 1996. Count on us to have the best selection of driveshaft parts at competitive prices and back them with exceptional service.

About Our Driveshafts for Sale

Our driveshafts and other driveline parts are high-quality products that are the perfect fit for service trucks, cranes, dump trucks and other vehicles in your fleet. They’re available at competitive prices to fit your business’s budget. You’ll get a dependable product that will enhance your truck’s performance and provide excellent long-term value for your money.

How to Tell if You Need a New Driveshaft

Excessive vibration is a common sign you may need a driveshaft replacement, as this can indicate that the U-joint or bushings have worn out. These vibrations strain other driveshaft parts, leading to their premature demise.

Loud or unusual noises are another indicator of potential driveshaft issues. Typical sounds to listen for include squeaking, rattling or clanking.

Does your truck shudder while accelerating from a low speed or a complete stop? A loose U-joint or a worn center bearing may be the culprit. Strange noises may also accompany the shuddering sensation.

Difficulty turning the vehicle is another possible sign of a driveshaft problem. Besides making the truck harder to steer and handle, this issue can also increase your risk of accidents.

How to Detect and Prevent Driveshaft Issues

Performing a regular visual inspection can help you spot early warning signs of driveshaft problems. Look for the presence of dents, gouges or premature metal wear. It’s important to correct an issue early, as damage to one part can create a domino effect that impacts other components.

Removing dirt and grime and keeping the driveshaft properly lubricated can help prevent damage and prolong the component’s life span.

Why Choose Us for Driveshaft Parts?

When you partner with Custom Truck One Source for driveshafts and other products, you get access to an extensive nationwide network that provides top-notch service and support. Our customers rely on us for the following and more:

  • 24/7 service: Our call center operates around the clock to ensure assistance is available whenever you need it. We can resolve 50% of issues over the phone to help you get back to work quickly.
  • In-house financing: Our range of flexible financing options makes purchasing from us an even better fit for your budget. We’ll work with you to create an arrangement that works for your business.
  • One-stop shop: Whether you’re in the market for a new or used truck, looking for a rental, or need parts or other services, we can provide it all. You’ll save valuable time by getting everything you need in one place.
  • Support through the entire life cycle: Our service extends throughout your truck’s life span, including when it’s time to sell your vehicle and upgrade to a newer model. Our disposal services remove the burden from your shoulders.

Order a Driveshaft Online Today

Acquiring driveshaft parts and other products from Custom Truck One Source is fast, easy and secure. Add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and complete the convenient checkout process to get your parts on their way. You can also contact us online if you have questions or need assistance.

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