Clevis Parts

A brake clevis is an essential part of a vehicle’s stopping system. Through repeated use, this component may wear down, leading you to seek a replacement. Custom Truck One Source has a selection of brake clevises and pins for commercial vehicle repairs. Shop our selection online for a part that matches your vehicle.

Clevis Brake Parts Uses

The clevis connects the brake pedal or lever to the brake mechanism so the operator can engage the brakes. It’s a metal component with a U-shaped design. One side has holes where a pin goes through, and it connects to the slack adjuster. The other has a rod that connects to the pushrod, which attaches to the brake can.

When you press the brake pedal or pull the lever, the clevis pulls or pushes to engage friction in the brake mechanism and slow down the vehicle. A wide variety of commercial trucks use clevises, including:

  • Boom trucks
  • Bucket trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Service trucks
  • Water trucks
  • Roll-off trucks

Clevis fasteners ensure your heavy commercial vehicles can stop quickly, reducing the chances of accidents.

The Clevis Parts We Sell

We sell various brake clevises, offering a selection to suit a range of commercial vehicles. Our inventory includes a throttle clevis assemblyrod end clevis and extended anchor clevis plate. These parts have a durable solid-metal construction that increases your brake system’s longevity.

You can also find clevis pins in varying diameters to fit your trucks, ranging from 0.75 inches to 1 inch. Pins can endure wear as you use your braking system, so you’ll want to ensure you monitor them regularly and provide proper lubrication and maintenance to prevent corrosion. Replace them when they begin showing damage. Replacement keeps your brakes working their best, ensuring you can stop quickly whenever you need to.

Why Buy From Custom Truck One Source?

Custom Truck One Source has almost 30 years of experience providing truck salesrentals and services to customers throughout the contiguous United States and Canada. Our long record in the industry, combined with a wide array of services, makes us your one stop for all your commercial truck needs. We carry Load King truck parts from our in-house manufacturing division to equip you with everything necessary to keep your trucks in good condition. Here are a few other benefits we offer:

  • Convenient parts ordering with quick order or bulk upload options to save you time
  • Extensive inventory of stock and custom parts, giving you everything you need for truck repairs and service
  • Regular communication about order status so you know when to expect your deliveries
  • Customer support to diagnose repairs over the phone or provide assistance installing parts
  • Comprehensive quotes so you know what you’ll pay before confirming your purchase

Buy Clevis Parts Online

Browse our selection of clevis parts online, or search by part number to find the components you need. Once you locate the right component, choose between delivery to your facility or pickup at your nearest Custom Truck One Source location.

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Item # BDY00238-01
Dimensions4.81"L x 1.88"W x 1.88"H
Weight2.39 LB
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Weight0.83 LB
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