Street Sweepers For Rent

With everything from road sweeper trucks to street sweeper trucks for rent, Custom Truck has you covered for all your road cleaning needs. Whether you are looking for a long-term rental on street sweeper trucks, or you need road sweeper trucks to finish your current job, contact us for a quote today.


The largest range of street sweeper trucks for rent

Part of what creates our happy customers is the variety we can offer in street sweeper trucks and other heavy vehicles. If you are looking to rent street sweeper trucks from the best, check out the fleet we have on offer at one of our many locations today. 


72 hp Skidsteer Broom Street Sweeper
Equipment Cat-Class 300-0850
  • Skidsteer Broom Sweeper
  • Optional hydraulic angle kit
  • All season cleaning tool
  • Sweeps snow, leaves, debris


74 hp Ride-on Street Sweeper
Equipment Cat-Class 302-0200
  • Ride-on street sweepers
  • 3 & 4 Cylinder diesel engines
  • Steel broom cores
  • 40-45° broom angles
  • Ideal for medium to large construction jobs