Hi-Rail Bucket Trucks For Rent

With multiple industries benefiting from our hi-rail bucket truck rental, Custom Truck is the partner you can trust. We pride ourselves on a quality fleet of hi-rail bucket trucks for rent which can help you service everything from power lines to your forestry needs. Choose Custom Truck hi-rail bucket truck rental for quality service and superior maintenance today.

Rent hi-rail bucket trucks to complete your fleet

Allow us to support your important work and become yet another happy customer who has found the perfect hi-rail bucket trucks for rent from our team. Visit one of our many locations around the U.S. or request a quote to rent hi-rail bucket trucks today.

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Item # 407-0900
  • 42 ft hi-rail material handling bucket truck
  • Fitted with railgear
  • Aerial lift
  • Side access ladder
  • Material handling jib
Item # 407-0675
  • 4x4 hi-rail bucket truck in the series of buckets
  • Telescopic articulating model
  • Platform access from the ground
  • Optional platform rotator
Item # 407-0650
  • Hi-rail gear
  • Can access to power lines over or next to railroad tracks
Item # 407-0800
  • Hi-rail 4x2 trucks
  • 40 ft bucket truck
  • Equipped with rail gear, and a jib
  • 40 ft insulated boom
Item # 407-0775
  • Smaller hi-rail bucket truck
  • Working height of 45′
  • Insulated, articulating telescopic boom
  • Equipped with rail gear
Item # 407-0075
  • Insulated bucket truck
  • Reaching up to 46 ft
  • Equipped with railgear
Item # 407-1000
  • Hi-rail bucket truck
  • Telescopic articulating material handling boom
  • 22 in. basket elevator
  • Top mounted jib and winch
  • Lift up to 1000 lb.
Item # 407-1005
  • Hi-rail bucket truck
  • 55 ft. non-overcenter material handling aerial device
  • Working height of 60 ft.
  • 1,500 lb. material handler