Hi-Rail Dump Trucks For Rent

Our hi-rail dump trucks for rent in the U.S. and Canada are all in excellent working order and come with full support from our experienced maintenance and repair team, ensuring you’re never left with a truck that is less than perfect.

Hi-rail dump trucks with a rotating dump body

With manual rail dogs and a rotating body, our hi-rail dump trucks are ideal for transporting ballast and other loose materials along railway lines. Call us at 833-305-RENT (7368) if you have any questions about our rental terms or you’d like to arrange to rent hi-rail dump trucks today.


Rear Rotary 19,500 lbs Hi-Rail Dump Truck
Equipment Cat-Class 404-0550
  • 4x4 hi-rail dump truck
  • Equipped with railgear
  • 11 ft. MTE ZEE dump body


Rear Rotary 26,200 lbs Hi-Rail Dump Truck
Equipment Cat-Class 404-0600
  • Hi-rail rotary dump truck
  • 180 degree turnable dump bed
  • Installed railgear
  • Loads from ballasts, sand, medium aggregates and more