Hi-Rail Welder Trucks For Rent

With the ability to house multiple tools in convenient locations, our hi-rail welder trucks are a fantastic addition to your railroad service fleet. At Custom Truck, we offer both medium- and heavy-grade hi-rail welder trucks for rent to fulfill all your railroad welding needs.

Quality hi-rail welding trucks for rent

If you are looking to rent hi-rail welder trucks that are unmatched for service, maintenance, and quality, simply visit one of our many locations across North America. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 833-305-RENT (7368) or request a quote on hi-rail welder trucks for rent online. Complete your railroad-ready fleet today!


Insulated Telescopic 19,501 lbs Hi-Rail Welder Truck
Equipment Cat-Class 405-1250
  • Hi-rail thermite welders truck
  • Heavy duty chassis vehicles
  • Telescopic crane
  • Street side
  • Curbside storage compartments
  • Oxy/acetylene
  • Work lights


Insulated Telescopic 26,001 lbs Hi-Rail Welder Truck
Equipment Cat-Class 405-1300
  • hi-rail welding truck
  • engineered with both electric and thermite welding capabilities
  • H/D chassis
  • Telescopic crane
  • Rating of 29,500 ft./lb.
  • Reach of 21 ft.
  • Planetary winch
  • Specialized street side and curbside facing welding compartments
  • Folding tool tray


Non Insulated Telescopic 16,001 lbs Hi-Rail Welder Truck
Equipment Cat-Class 405-1200
  • Light-duty hi-rail welder truck
  • Fitted with railgear
  • Special compartments to store thermite welding kits
  • Overhead material racks
  • Oxy/acetylene tall bottle storage
  • Fire suppression spring rewind hose reel