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Telecom installers and technicians set up and maintain critical communications systems allowing texting, calling and internet access. People rely on these systems daily, so setting them up and ensuring they continue to work is a crucial job. At Custom Truck One Source, we offer telecom tools that make setting up communications equipment more straightforward and efficient.

Simplify Installing Telecommunications Equipment

Electrical and utility installers use telecom tools to manage wires below ground and in the air. When installing new equipment, professionals need tools that make the job more efficient. Here are some features you likely look for to keep your crews productive during equipment installations:

  • Usability: Your installation equipment should include features that allow you to do the job with fewer headaches. Installing new wires becomes simpler with the right tools.
  • Lightweight tools: When installing wires on poles, light equipment allows crews to manage installation with less fatigue.
  • Heavy-duty equipment: You want gear that holds up to the rigors of your job, enduring consistent use for years without wearing down or breaking while you work.

Outfitting Linemen With the Necessary Tools

We offer feature-rich tools that allow telecom installers to work below ground and in the air. When laying wires underground, your most helpful tools are rodders. This equipment includes a spool with a flexible fiberglass rod ideal for bending through tight spaces. These rods also have electrical and thermal properties, making them safe for cable-occupied ducts. A rugged outer coating provides resistance to corrosion, chemicals and temperature extremes.

Sheaves, guides and blocks are essential for installing telecom equipment on poles. These tools clamp or hook on existing lines, providing guidance for setting up new ones. They use rollers to guide wires and keep them from catching or snagging, protecting the new wire during installation. They are also highly durable thanks to their aluminum- and steel-framed designs, allowing you to use them repeatedly without needing to replace your equipment.

We’re Here to Serve You

At Custom Truck One Source, we make it our mission to provide you with on-budget equipment delivered on time to build out your electrical contractor telecom kit. We are your reliable telecom tools provider, with locations across the United States to serve you. Here are a few reasons to partner with us for your telecom tools:

  • Convenient service: We can answer your calls 24/7, quickly responding to any questions you have while browsing our equipment selection.
  • Long-term reliability: We have a history of 30 years in business, helping utility workers find the equipment and tools they need. You can rely on us as your partner for years to come.
  • Responsive team: We know your industry and take the time to understand your needs so we can provide the right equipment.

Get Telecom Tools From Custom Truck One Source

We have all the tools you need to manage wires on the job site. We source equipment from top telecom manufacturers to give you a comprehensive equipment selection to improve your work processes.

If you’re exploring new telecom tools for your business, select the products you need and request a free estimate. Feel free to reach out to our team if you need any assistance.

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