Track Carriers For Rent

If your job is on rough terrain, in swamplands, or other hard-to-reach places, our track carriers are the best vehicles for the job. Experience high-quality service at one of our many rental locations around the U.S. and Canada next time you need to rent track carriers.

Track carriers for rent with accessories 

When you rent one of our track carriers, you have the option of selecting a flatbed, a dump bed, or a dump chute to help you get the job done. We pride ourselves on delivering well-maintained track carriers, so you know you get a vehicle that you can rely on. Call 833-305-RENT (7368) or request a quote today. 


Enclosed Cab 17'9" Track Carrier
Equipment Cat-Class 604-3000
  • Track vehicle
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to operate with a joystick lever
  • Ultra wear-resistant steel, highly durable lower rollers
  • Strong dump cylinders


Enclosed Cab 18'10" Track Carrier
Equipment Cat-Class 604-4000
  • Track dump carrier
  • Rubber tracks with lower ground pressure
  • Enclosed cab with A/C and heat
  • Handles a maximum payload


Enclosed Cab 20'8" Track Carrier
Equipment Cat-Class 604-5000
  • Popular pipeline workhorse
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Rubber tracks
  • Lower ground pressure
  • A/C and heated operator friendly cabin


Enclosed Cab 21'7" Track Carrier
Equipment Cat-Class 607-3000
  • Mid-sized series track vehicle
  • Accommodates medium sized attachments
  • 31.5 inch wide rubber tracks
  • Payload capacity of 20,000 lb.


Enclosed Cab 27'6" Track Carrier
Equipment Cat-Class 607-2000
  • Ideal for mounting large attachments such as aerial devices or gating the flatbed surface
  • Use as a hauler to transport heavy loads to remote rough terrain locations
  • Reinforced wide frame
  • Minimum payload capacity of 36,000 lb.


Open Cab 10'6" Track Carrier
Equipment Cat-Class 604-1000
  • Track vehicle
  • Thick rubber tracks
  • Rugged body
  • Easy operation


Open Cab 14'8" Track Carrier
Equipment Cat-Class 604-2000
  • crawler carriers
  • Digger derrick option
  • Insulated and non insulated man lifts option
  • Front and rear winch option