75 tons 68" x 9' 43,300 lbs Triple Axle Lowboy Trailer


A 75 ton custom detachable gooseneck trailer with a drop deck used with a mechanical booster. With three 25,000 lb. axles and a loaded ground clearance of 5 in, this custom trailer can haul up to 50 tons in 12 ft. load concentration at 60 miles per hour; with six axles, this gooseneck can carry up to 75 tons in 12 ft. load base with a helper dolly at 60 miles per hour. With an estimated base weight of 43,300 lb., the deck length measures at 26 ft. long and 9 ft. (108 in) wide.

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Equipment Type:
Lowboy Trailer
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Trailer Capacity:
75 tons
43,300 lbs