Truck-Mounted Hydrovacs For Rent

Featuring the latest in hydro-excavation technology, our fleet of truck-mounted hydrovacs is perfect for any task from underground excavations to sewer cleanouts and environmental works. Rent hydrovac trucks for the safest ways to excavate — which is minimally invasive and offers a significantly lower risk of utility damage.

Rent hydrovacs from Custom Truck 

As one of the largest providers of truck-mounted hydrovacs for rent in the United States, Custom Truck is your trusted partner for safe excavation equipment rental. With superior service standards and affordable pricing, all you need to do is call 833-305-RENT (7368) for a quote to rent quality hydrovacs today.


Truck-Mounted Hydrovacs
Equipment Cat-Class 804-6000
  • Hydro excavator vacuum
  • Tandem axle
  • Smaller than traditional hydro excavators


Truck-Mounted Hydrovacs
Equipment Cat-Class 804-5000
  • Truck-mounted hydrovac truck
  • For the use of hydro excavation
  • Most come on a Peterbilt chassis


Truck-Mounted Hydrovacs
Equipment Cat-Class 804-5100
  • Wide spread tandem
  • 84 in. x 10 ft. tank
  • 42 in. van body
  • 1,250 gal. water hauling capacity
  • 10 cu yds. debris hauling capacity
  • 8 in. boom hose with 26ft. reach