Bundle Stringing Blocks for Sale

Custom Truck One Source carries and customizes bundle blocks for installing electrical conductor wires. We’re your single source for durable bundle blocks that allow efficient, safe wire distribution. Our experts can help you find the right block for your equipment and provide support after your purchase. Browse our bundle block options to equip your fleet with dependable overhead stringing tools.

Bundle Blocks From Custom Truck One Source

At Custom Truck One Source, we offer durable, versatile bundle blocks. Our bundle blocks include features like rope guards and urethane sheaves to prevent time-consuming wire damage.

Stringing blocks reduce wire tension as the pull rope guides the conductor wire into place. The slack the stringing block produces will enable your crew to distribute conductor wire faster. The slack, along with the blocks’ protective design, also reduces friction as the wire runs through each block.

A bundle block adds to the benefits that a standard stringing block provides by offering additional sheaves for the conductor wire to pass through. Like in a pulley system, each additional sheave reduces tension. Our bundle blocks feature three sheaves for three times the slack.

Using our bundle blocks will expedite your crew’s conductor wire installation process. The finished power lines will feature enough slack to reduce the risk of environmental factors damaging the wires or pulling the electrical poles out of place.

Bundle Block Financing

Custom Truck One Source makes it feasible for you to acquire the bundle blocks your job demands. We offer financing options that split your spending into low monthly payments. Our flexible financing offerings run as high as 100%, meaning you can cover the full price of your order by paying a fixed amount each month. We know you have work to do, so ask us about our financing options so you can access the equipment you need to hit the ground running.

All of Your Rigging Equipment Needs in One Place

Custom Truck One Source is here to position your fleet for success. Whether you need to outfit your fleet with a new set of bundle blocks, service the vehicles that keep your business moving or add a new machine to your fleet, Custom Truck One Source has you covered.

We carry numerous types of blocks and block accessories for all applications. We also have new and used cranes, trucks and other heavy machinery available to purchase or rent. After you acquire your equipment, we can service your fleet and later provide a beneficial way for you to sell or dispose of unneeded machinery when you’re ready to upgrade or liquidate.

24/7 Support

Damage, malfunctions or installation difficulties cause costly downtime, so call Custom Truck One Source when you need assistance with your bundle blocks. We have expert technicians available to answer the phone and respond to your questions 24/7. We’re often able to solve your problem over the phone, but we can send a technician to your facility as soon as possible if necessary.

Browse Custom Truck Bundle Blocks

Browse our bundle blocks to find a model that suits your equipment and application. Feel free to contact us online for more on the products and services available through Custom Truck One Source.

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Item # bttv52-ul-2420-t2
  • T2 or VR2 Bundle Block
  • 28" sheave diameter
  • Urethane sheave
  • With helicopter assembly
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Item # bttv52-ul-24-20bg
  • Transmission Bundle Block
  • 22”-42” sheave diameters
  • Urethane sheave
  • With grounds
  • Part Number(s): BTTV52-UL-24-20BG, BTTV52-UL-28-20BG, BTTV52-UL-30-20BG, BTTV52-UL-36-20BG
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Item # bttv52-ul-24-20
  • Transmission Bundle Block
  • 22”-42” sheave diameters
  • Urethane sheave
  • With helicopter assembly, rope guides
  • Part Number(s): BTTV52-UL-24-20, BTTV52-UL-28-20, BTTV52-UL-30-20, BTTV52-UL-36-20
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