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Employee safety is paramount to your business’s operation, so stock your garage with personal protective equipment (PPE) from Custom Truck One Source. We carry and deliver a broad range of protective clothing and tools for any industrial setting. With a network of locations spread throughout North America, Custom Truck One Source can deliver PPE to your facility when you need it. Browse our selection of personal protective equipment online and request a quote today!

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Workplace safety is critical, so work with Custom Truck One Source to carry equipment that will help you prevent injuries and respond to incidents.

Arc Flash Safety

Arc flash injuries are common when working with electrical equipment. Custom Truck One Source has equipment that will protect your staff from arc flash incidents. Products like arc flash blankets and face shields create a protective layer between the worker and the potential source of an explosion.

Bond Mats

Bond mats prevent electrocutions in industrial settings by establishing a non-conductive layer between the worker and the ground. Your crew should use bond mats when operating on or around live electrical lines. Custom Truck One Source carries bond mats in numerous sizes, so choose one that meets your crew’s needs.


Custom Truck One Source has protective gloves for various circumstances. Our selection includes options like cut-resistant gloves, waterproof utility gloves, and ground gloves. Choosing the right gloves for the application will prevent serious hand injuries and ensure compliance with all relevant standards.


We offer versatile head protection solutions from top brands. Shop with Custom Truck One Source for safety helmets for forestry, line work, construction, and other hazardous industries. Our durable helmets adjust to the wearer’s head for the most reliable protection.

Protective Clothing

Shop with Custom Truck One Source for protective clothing that your crewmembers can wear when working in hazardous areas or with dangerous equipment. Our protective clothing slips over the worker’s outfit to prevent abrasions and lacerations. Most types of protective equipment are available in numerous adjustable sizes.

Rescue Equipment

Carrying rescue equipment will ensure your crew can respond quickly when an incident occurs. Custom Truck One Source has multiple types of rescue equipment for workers operating above or below ground level. Browse our selection for products like suspension straps, truck-mounted rescue ropes, and truck basket removal systems that will make a difference if an incident occurs.

Why Shop With Custom Truck One Source?

Custom Truck One Source offers a wide selection and premier service when you order protective equipment for your fleet. Our representatives will assist you as you select the PPE that suits your industry. We’ll deliver to your facility or job site from the nearest of our 30-plus locations in North America.

Request a Quote Online

Custom Truck One Source offers a wide selection of competitively priced PPE for industrial settings. Please request a quote online to build your PPE arsenal. Our experts are available to help you find the right safety equipment for your crew, so contact us at your convenience to learn more.

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Item # 8300030
  • Built-in pulley system
  • Rubber Integrated 5,000 lb. (22 kN) eyebolt anchor points
  • Systems available to adapt to multiple configurations
  • Telescoping adjustable locking legs
  • Rubber tripod feet with spiked edges and leg support chain
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Item # 700fp
  • Boom mount or truck mount
  • Corrosion resistant blocks with nylon sheaves
  • 75' of twisted rope.
  • Carabiner is provided for attachment to the victim
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Item # 105rs
  • New adjustment buckle for easier length adjustments and added strength.
  • 40% lighter, only 3.5 oz!
  • New contrasting stitching on straps to provide easier inspection of the unit.
  • 1/3 smaller than the previous version, gives users easier access to the containment pack.
  • Features new and improved aluminum carabiner.
  • The suspension strap is separate from the containment pack.
  • Attaches to the harness, deploys, and used in the same way as the previous version.
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Item # 3813d1
  • (2) connectors
  • Ratchet boom strap w/ d-ring attachment
  • Steel snaphook
  • 1" eye diameter
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Item # 99988801302
  • Six layers of polyester material
  • Water- and oil-resistant
  • Nylon shell
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Item # 99988801527
  • Chaps, Gloves, Glasses, Helmet/Muffs
  • Complete chainsaw safety gear set-up in one kit
  • Helmet safety system
  • Apron-style leg chaps
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Item # te2-48-60
  • 4' x 5'
  • Aramid/Nomex blended outside layers
  • 2 inner layers of blastic kevlar
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Item # 601-25-50sr
  • 3 sizes: 58x58, 58x120, and 120x120
  • Black
  • Non-skid
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Item # 303-mvgz4p-ly-xl
  • Breathable polyester mesh
  • Zipper closure
  • 2" silver reflective tape
  • 2 lower internal pockets
  • 2 external chest pockets, 1 pocket with 4 pen pockets in front
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Item # ska40pltlfh40xl
  • Comes with arc flash coat, bib overalls, hard hat, hood, safety glasses, storage bag
  • NFPA 70E standard
  • 40 cal/sq cm
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Item # ska10
  • AS1100 Highly Transparent 12 Cal Face Shield
  • North Zone Hard Hat
  • AFHOOD10 10 Cal Balaclava
  • Uvex Safety Glasses
  • Cotton Flannel Storage Bag
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Item # 12-3190-10-l
  • Size: Large
  • Cut Resistant: ANSI/ISEA 105 Level A3
  • Puncture Resistant: ANSI/ISEA Level 4
  • Completely lined throughout with Kevlar® fiber for 360° cut protection
  • Ergonomic, 3D glove pattern form fits to your hand for superior dexterity and comfort
  • Goatskin leather palm for great grip and lasting durability
  • Easy on/off slip fit cuff design
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Item # 11-3285-60-m
  • Size: Medium
  • Cut resistant liner made with Kevlar® fiber by DuPont™ throughout the entire glove for 360° protection
  • Arc Rating: 50 cal/cm² according to ASTM F2675/F2675M-13
  • Cut Resistant: ANSI/ISEA Level A4
  • Puncture Resistant: ANSI/ISEA Level 5
  • Flame Resistant: exceeds standards according to ASTM F2302 and D6413
  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ FR120®for lasting warmth
  • Compliant: NFPA 70e-2018 Standard / OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926
  • Will not drip, melt or ignite if exposed to sparks or flames
  • ANSI Z49.1 Compliant for Welding Applications
  • 4" safety cuff for extended wrist protection
  • Designed to keep hands warm, dry and protected in cool winter conditions
  • Keeps hands warm, dry and protected
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Item # 12-3265-60-l
  • Arc Rating: 23 cal/cm² according to ASTM F2675/F2675M-13
  • Puncture Resistant: ANSI/ISEA Level 4
  • Compliant: NFPA 70e-2018 Standard / OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926
  • Ergonomic, 3D performance pattern form-fits to hand like a second skin
  • Incredible durability - outlasts traditional leather gloves many times over
  • Double layer leather on fingertips, knuckle, saddle and palm for increased protection and durability
  • Will not drip, melt or ignite if exposed to sparks or flames
  • WARNING: Youngstown’s Arc Rated gloves do NOT protect against shock or voltage.
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