Brake Assembly Parts

A commercial truck’s brakes must be in good condition so the vehicle can stop quickly. Keep your brakes working their best with replacement parts from Custom Truck One Source. We have an extensive inventory you can browse online to find and purchase the necessary parts. Once you place your order, we can ship to your location or arrange a pickup at your nearest Custom Truck One Source location.

About Our Brake Assembly Parts

We have a wide variety of brake parts for various types of trucks. Our parts offerings include options for commercial trucks, trailers, cranes, dump trucks, water trucks, vacuum trucks, service trucks and bucket trucks. Browse our parts online by category, or enter the part number to find the necessary components for your repair.

The Brake Components We Sell

Whatever your brake system’s configuration, we likely have the parts to service it. Our offerings include parts for parking brakes, spring brakes and air brake systems. Here are a few categories to shop from:

  • Brake discs: This part uses friction to slow the motion of the wheels and stop a truck. Since discs endure this friction, they wear out over time and need replacement.
  • Brake pads and shoes: Get all the necessary parts for your brake pads and shoes, including yokes, drivers, hubs, seals, pins and shoe welds.
  • Brake clevises: These components fasten to the brake pedal arm for better brake control. We offer clevises and clevis pins in varying sizes.
  • Brake assemblies: Purchase parts like brake housing and pistons to replace components of your brake assembly that break down over time.
  • Brake calipers: This crucial component of a disc braking system assists you in stopping once you hit the brakes. We sell calipers for parking brakes.

Beyond the main brake components, we provide miscellaneous brake parts, including master cylinders and brake caliper bushings. Whatever you need for your truck brakes, we are your source.

Benefits of Brake Parts From Custom Truck One Source

Well-maintained brakes allow you to stop faster, a factor that’s especially important in utility trucks and other large vehicles. Replacing brake components as they wear down keeps your braking distance to a minimum. Here are a few reasons to order brake parts from Custom Truck One Source:

  • Selection: We have a large inventory of brake parts and other components, letting you get everything necessary to maintain your trucks from us.
  • Convenience: All our components are available online, allowing for simpler ordering. Search by equipment model or part number to find what you need.
  • Experience: We have been serving customers since 1996, meaning we know what it takes to supply quality components for your utility vehicle.
  • Support: Beyond selling parts, we maintain and service commercial trucks. Come to us for assistance installing your new brake parts on your vehicles.

Order the Necessary Parts

Find the parts you need online today and order them for delivery to your facility or pickup at your nearest Custom Truck One Source location. We also offer bulk upload and saved parts lists to save you time on ordering parts for your fleet.

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