71.4 ft 5,700 lbs 420 degrees Material Handler Drywall Crane


Our drywall series of cranes offer you the widest and most functional range of wallboard cranes on the market. They are the result of over 25 years of experience of day-to-day contact with the specialized users in this competitive sector. The IMT 24562 & IMT 28562 are the perfect choice when your application demands precise handling and maneuverability, as well as a great option for efficient handling of palletized materials in the building supply and construction industries. The IMT 24562 loader features a maximum lift capacity of 5,000 lb. and the 28562 loader is capable of lifting 5,700lb. and 2,400 lb. at its maximum horizontal reach.

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Crane Type:
Material Handler
Lifting Capacity:
5,700 lbs
420 degrees
Side Reach:
62.3 ft
Vertical Reach:
71.4 ft


Working Range:
Operators Manual: