Fan Deflectors and Guards for Commercial Trucks

Protecting your truck’s components is vital for preventing breakdowns and downtime. Deflectors and guards offer maximum protection against radiator wear, keeping your truck functional and productive for longer.

What Do Fan Deflectors and Guards Do?

Deflectors and guards extend the life span of your fan and radiator. These components can help:

  • Reduce the risk of overheating: When a fan guard functions properly, it maintains airflow and removes heat from the radiator, preventing overheating.
  • Prevent radiator damage: Fan deflectors and guards prevent foreign objects like dirt, debris, bugs and leaves from hitting and damaging the fan or causing blockages.
  • Make handling safer: Fan guards for commercial trucks create a barrier around the spinning blades, preventing parts from getting stuck in the fan. They also help protect against injuries when repairing or replacing the radiator or other nearby components. A guard switch covers the fan’s power source so you don’t accidentally turn it on and harm your fingers in the blades.

Your Source for Deflectors and Guards

With over 30 years of industry experience, we know how important it is to get truck parts when you need them. That’s why we provide a range of fan deflectors and fan guard kits online. Shop the selection today!

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Item # 229737
Dimensions1.6"L x 1.6"W x 3.5"H
Weight5.11 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 400-04036
Dimensions2"L x 0.68"W x 1"H
Weight0.10 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # T103550
Dimensions32"L x 2"W x 32"H
Weight2.00 LB
Unit of MeasureEach