Hatch Replacement Components

Whether you need a fresh set of hatch hinges or a full roof assembly, Custom Truck One Source is the perfect destination for finding the components you require. We balance a vast catalog of hinge parts with expert guidance to ensure you acquire the products and advice you need to support your projects.

Our Selection of Hatch Parts

Custom Truck One Source provides a wide collection of high-quality hatch parts to keep your machines running efficiently. We have a long history of manufacturing premium components with fine attention to detail, ensuring they have what it takes to withstand harsh wear and tear. If we don’t have exactly what you need in stock, our unique fabrication and customization capabilities ensure we can build a solution that satisfies your needs.

We offer the following types of components to help you replace old or faulty hatch parts:

  • Hatch pulls
  • Hinges
  • Roof assemblies
  • Springs
  • Top glass assemblies
  • Gaskets

Count on Custom Truck One Source for All Your Parts

Custom Truck One Source is a one-stop shop that provides all the high-quality components to keep your vehicle hatch in good shape. We sell, rent, service and manufacture various heavy machinery components, so you will surely find the perfect solution for your needs and situation. With over three decades of experience and deep knowledge of the parts we offer, our team can meet the needs of numerous industries, including rail, telecom, utility and forestry.

Working with Custom Truck One Source lets you enjoy several unrivaled benefits, like:

Tailored Financing

Our goal is to provide solutions that make sense for your end-to-end demands. That’s why, at Custom Truck One Source, we supply access to industry-leading financing solutions to ensure you have the freedom to grow and expand your business. Our team can help you create a competitive financing solution with flexible pricing plans, unique terms and low monthly costs.

Emergency Support

You can count on the Custom Truck One Source team to be there when you need us most. Over 150 expert equipment technicians man our 24/7 call-in center, and they are ready to answer any of your troubleshooting concerns. When you need repair services, we’ll connect you to a capable in-house or field team to restore your equipment to peak functionality. We also partner with over 575 service bays across the nation, ensuring you have access to skilled solutions wherever you are.

Convenient Fulfillment

Whether you buy products online or visit us at one of our many warehouses, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive the necessary tools. We operate out of many locations throughout the United States and Canada, carrying various hatch hinges, pulls, springs and assemblies. You can visit us at one of these warehouses to acquire your components via in-house fulfillment. Or, you can purchase them online and have them delivered to your job site overnight, no matter how remote it is.

Request More Information Today

Interested in learning more about our collection of truck hatch parts? Custom Truck One Source is always available to answer your questions and help you find the right component for your machinery. Check out our inventory to find the right tools for the job, or connect with our team online and request a detailed pricing structure today.

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Item # 220628
Dimensions39"L x 33"W x 4.5"H
Weight33.00 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 216916
Dimensions8"L x 2"W x 0.25"H
Weight2.50 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 216915
Dimensions26"L x 2.5"W x 0.84"H
Weight4.40 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 903V0563
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # T109316
Dimensions46.5"L x 0.35"W x 30"H
Weight40.25 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 832-00102
Dimensions37.82"L x 6.73"W x 32"H
Weight11.00 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # T134842
Dimensions41"L x 30.5"W x 5"H
Weight22.00 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # T109308
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # T135765
Dimensions40.7"L x 30.31"W x 4.9"H
Weight29.09 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 216933
Dimensions41"L x 33.25"W x 0.1"H
Weight50.00 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 216918
Dimensions26"L x 1.25"W x 0.06"H
Weight0.10 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 832-00105
Dimensions3.62"L x 2.25"W x 2.75"H
Weight0.06 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 216920
Dimensions18"L x 0.75"W x 0.75"H
Weight0.50 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 216888
Dimensions4"L x 3.5"W x 1.5"H
Weight0.50 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 832-00103
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 216801
Dimensions39"L x 33"W x 4.5"H
Weight33.00 LB
Unit of MeasureEach
Item # 903V0564
Unit of MeasureEach