Electric-Powered Tools & Equipment for Sale

Browse Custom Truck One Source’s selection of electrical tools for servicing cables, wires and pipes. We offer competitive rates and convenient delivery options throughout North America. Choose Custom Truck One Source for electric power equipment from the brands you trust.

Electrical Cutting Tools for Utility and Construction Projects

At Custom Truck One Source, we offer electric cutting tools for companies working with or around hard materials like concrete and steel. Our powerful tools cut through challenging substances with ease to improve project efficiency.

Choose Custom Truck One Source for electrical tools like:

  • Rebar benders and cutters: Electrical rebar benders and cutters handle the reinforced steel bars construction crews use to create concrete structures.
  • Pipe cutters: Electrical pipe-cutting machines slice through metal pipes from the outside or inside during construction and welding projects.

Advantages of Electric Power Equipment

Electrical equipment offers numerous advantages over gas tools while still generating competitive power. By choosing electric equipment, your company will save on expenses such as maintenance and fuel.

Electrical devices feature few intricate components and are therefore less likely to break down than other tools. Additionally, your crew will spend less time and money on tasks like refueling, checking filters and replacing intake hoses. When your devices are ready to just plug in and go to work, your whole operation will experience more uptime.

Electrical tools also lead to cleaner, safer working environments — any electric tool will produce fewer emissions than a gas-powered counterpart. These models are quieter as well, helping prevent ear damage or accidents resulting from noise distractions.

Why Custom Truck One Source?

Custom Truck One Source is a premier source for electric lineman equipment. From our comprehensive selection to our convenient delivery capabilities and our dedicated customer service team, we help businesses access tools that catalyze productivity and growth. When you shop with us, you’ll capitalize on perks like:

  • Delivery across North America: There are more than 30 Custom Truck One Source locations around North America, each capable of delivering to businesses in the vicinity.
  • Price transparency: We’ll provide a free quote before you place your order so you can budget your expenses accordingly.
  • Order tracking: After you place your order, we’ll connect you with our tracking tool so you know when to expect your delivery and can respond to delays.
  • In-house financing: We offer a competitive in-house financing program that empowers you to hedge against inflation, maximize your tax benefits and keep cash on hand for important expenses.
  • Dedicated representatives: Our team will learn about your business to provide excellent service for every order. You can reach us around the clock for customer support.

Request a Quote Online

Custom Truck One Source offers a simple, convenient way to purchase the electric power equipment your crew needs when servicing cables and wires. We encourage you to browse our selection, choose the tools you need, enter the ideal quantity and submit a free quote request. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an accurate quote for your order. You can contact us online for more on our inventory and delivery capabilities.

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Item # vb16y
  • 8 AMP motor
  • Variable speed trigger w/ safety lock
  • Lightweight
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Item # 05-0550-minixm
  • Motor Control Box
  • Torch Arm and Holder
  • 74" Long Safety Cable for Pipe Diameters Up to 24"
  • Two (2) Snap Hooks
  • Protective Leather Cable Sleeve
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