Rubber Goods for Linework

Rubber accessories are crucial to safeguard your team from the dangers of energized equipment. The rubber acts as an insulator, preventing any chance of electrical currents running through it. This characteristic makes it a useful material on the job site, especially when working with power lines, grids, and other electrical power systems.

Types of Rubber Goods We Offer

Rubber goods are essential when replacing electrical poles, rewiring buildings, or working close to underground wiring. At Custom Truck One Source, we strive to find the highest-performing equipment and tools from industry-leading brands to make your job easier. We stock a variety of rubber goods fit for several industries, including telecommunications, construction, rail, and electrical utility.

Some of the most popular products we offer are:

  • Rubber gloves: Protect your hands with rubber-insulated gloves when working in high-voltage scenarios. We offer heavy-duty rubber gloves in classes between zero and four, enabling you to choose the option most suitable for your environment.
  • Commercial rubber clamps: Keep your blankets and other materials in place for a safe and productive work environment.
  • Line hoses: Cover your conductors with a durable thermoplastic elastomer that slides right onto conductors, immediately mitigating accidental contact.
  • Salisbury rubber blankets: Reduce the risk of unintentional contact with energized power. You can bend, fold and manipulate versatile rubber blankets to cover a variety of equipment. 
  • Rubber overboots: Break the circuit to the ground with a high-quality and durable pair of rubber boots that slip right over existing footwear. Most overboots are waterproof and slip-resistant, providing exceptional protection in all conditions.

Custom Truck One Source Is a Team You Can Trust

Custom Truck One Source is the go-to destination for the tools and equipment you need to keep your job site efficient and safe. We’ve been in operation since 1996 and have built one of the largest, ever-growing inventories to ensure you get your hands on the gear you need. With affordable pricing and convenient in-house financing solutions, we can meet the demands of any budget. When you choose to work with Custom Truck One Source, you’ll also experience unique benefits, such as:

  • Around-the-clock service: We run a 24/7 call and information center staffed by over 150 expert technicians offering unparalleled repair and maintenance support to professionals across the country.
  • Over 30 nationwide locations: Our team operates out of 30 physical locations and more than 470 service bays throughout the country, giving us the reach to address professionals’ needs regardless of location.
  • End-to-end support: Custom Truck One Source is the largest single-source provider of heavy equipment, providing new and used sales, customization, remanufacturing, modification, maintenance, and repair services — we’re the only partner you’ll ever need.
  • High-quality products: We don’t sell any product we wouldn’t use ourselves, giving you confidence in superior gear constructed from the finest and performance-oriented materials.

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