Grapple Trucks for Sale

When you need a solution for picking up and hauling bulk debris, grapple trucks are the answer. These vocational trucks have a crane arm mounted in the center of the truck to grab bulk waste, storm debris and other loads. They also include a dump box or storage in the back to hold collected materials for hauling.

Custom Truck One Source is a North American seller of grapple trucks, and we offer an extensive selection for you to choose from. See our available trucks online and reach out for a quote.

Benefits of Grapple Trucks for Your Operation

Grapple trucks feature specialized tools for various applications, including forestry, waste management, disaster cleanup and construction. They provide benefits such as:

  • Versatility: A flexible crane arm with a long reach allows for fast and effective waste pickup, allowing you to collect debris and logs on any side of the vehicle.
  • Efficiency: Grapples include two tools in one with a crane arm and a dump box or flatbed for carting away collected materials, allowing one worker to do the work of many.
  • Savings: A grapple truck can replace several pieces of machinery or many workers, decreasing your fleet and labor costs.

Our Extensive Selection

We have a large inventory of grapple trucks for sale, offering various sizes and functionalities to suit your operations. Choose from new and used options, depending on your budget. Our grapple trucks come from brands like Freightliner, Arrow, Peterbilt and Sterling, giving you a reliable and high-quality machine for forestry or other waste-hauling jobs.

We provide dual- and tri-axle grapple trucks depending on your needs. The tri-axle trucks can carry heavy loads with less bounce and better weight distribution, making them an excellent choice for operations that require hauling weighty loads. Our grapple trucks feature carrying options ranging from flatbeds to dump boxes. Flatbeds are ideal for larger loads, while dump boxes offer easier loading with no need to secure collected materials.

Advantages of Choosing Us

Custom Truck One Source is one of the largest truck suppliers in the United States, offering sales and various services, giving you everything you need. Here are a few benefits you’ll experience by working with us:

  • We provide extensive industry expertise through our record of almost 30 years in the custom truck sales industry.
  • Beyond offering new and used grapple trucks for sale, we have auctionsrentalstoolsparts and service for your trucks.
  • Our professional team can guide you through various leasing and financing options to assist you in building your fleet.
  • We serve you from multiple locations across the United States, meaning every customer has a nearby facility to visit.

Learn Your Costs

Grapple trucks serve a valuable role in forestry, waste removal and various other applications. Combining a crane arm and flatbed or dump box allows for efficient collection and transport. See the grapple truck options we sell and contact our sales team to learn your costs with an equipment quote.