Manhaulers for Sale

Looking for a flatbed truck tailored to your specific job? Manhaulers from Custom Truck One Source provide the ideal solution. These trucks offer plenty of room for hauling, and you can also add customized features like toolboxes and roof racks to increase usability. They are the perfect vehicle for fast and convenient transportation between various job sites.

We offer several manhaulers for sale with varying features to suit your needs. Browse our selection online and call us for a quote.

Why Buy Manhaulers?

Manhaulers are vocational trucks that provide specific functionality to suit various industries. They include a large hauling capacity for all your transport tasks. Here are a few reasons to choose these vehicles for your fleet:

  • Ease of use: These trucks don’t require a commercial driver’s license to operate, which makes them easier to incorporate into your fleet.
  • Convenient size: These trucks are about the size of a regular pickup truck with added storage space, so they provide fast transport for small loads.
  • Durability: These heavy-duty trucks can withstand harsh job sites, delivering reliable operation no matter where you work.
  • Efficiency: Trucks built for a particular purpose allow you to work more quickly because they provide better hauling and easy access to tools and supplies.

About Our Manhauler Trucks

Our manhauler vehicles are heavy-duty trucks and include the Ford F550, Chevrolet 5500 and Ram 5500. The truck beds range from 12 to 16 feet, meaning plenty of space for transporting goods. They also include features like:

  • Toolboxes for storing gear.
  • Overhead rack to provide additional storage.
  • Safety cone holder.

These trucks have an automatic transmission, making them easy to handle for most drivers. They have a crew cab that can fit up to five passengers so you can transport several workers. Our manhaulers run on diesel fuel, providing more power to accomplish the job. We offer options for all-wheel drive, giving better traction on rugged terrain. Find the latest year models from our online store, giving you the most recent features for optimal functionality.

Quality Trucks and Excellent Service

With almost 30 years in business as a specialty truck seller, we have plenty of experience to equip your operation. Our wide selection of trucks provides a vehicle to suit various types of work across multiple industries. Beyond selling new and used trucks, we offer various services to assist you throughout the lifecycle of ownership:

We also offer financing and leasing to manage the cost of your vehicle ownership. Financing options from us mean you won’t have to look for loans from other sources. You can do it all in one place. We are one of the largest providers of specialty trucks and equipment in the United States. Our locations across the country give customers a convenient place to stop for sales, rentals, parts and service.

Call Us for a Quote

Custom Truck One Source sells various manhauler trucks, giving you a customized work vehicle with plenty of power and storage for moving supplies and materials to job sites. Reach out to our team for a quote on new and used manhaulers for sale. We’ll give you an estimate to assist with planning your budget.