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Tornado Global F4 EcoLite Hydrovac truck with a positive displacement blower mounted on a Peterbilt 567 chassis
New & Used Vacuum Trucks for Sale

Vacuum Trucks for Sale

Vacuum trucks are essential equipment that towns and municipalities use to maintain sewers, clean up sludge, and preserve local environments. A vacuum truck is a vehicle that functions essentially like a giant vacuum on wheels. These trucks have debris tanks, hose attachments, and a vacuum pump that work together to break up debris and collect it for transportation. Once the debris is collected, these trucks can easily carry and dump the materials at proper disposal sites.

What Are Vacuum Trucks Used For?

With a single truck, you’ll have multiple tools to help you with whatever you encounter on the job. Vacuum trucks are versatile machines you can use in various situations. Towns, cities, and municipalities commonly use these trucks to clean out sewers to prevent clogs and material buildups. Many other contractors, however, utilize vacuum trucks for:

  • Removing water from sensitive areas to protect wildlife and humans.
  • Completing excavation jobs.
  • Handling hazardous materials and chemicals.
  • Cleaning out septic tanks.
  • Removing water from oil fields.
  • Cleaning up debris at construction sites.
  • Performing rescue jobs following floods or storms.

Benefits of New and Used Vacuum Trucks

Custom Truck One Source offers a wide selection of new and used vacuum trucks to give you options that meet your business’s budget. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line vacuum truck full of the latest technology or want to get your hands on a reliable, high-quality used truck, you will experience many benefits.

Advantages of vacuum trucks include:

  • Versatility.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Safety.
  • Ease of use.

Buy or Rent Your Vacuum Truck From Custom Truck One Source

Custom Truck One Source has been the nation’s leading single-source provider of specialized trucks and heavy machinery for the last 30 years. We offer our customers comprehensive services they can rely on, including equipment sales and rentals, equipment customization and modification, repair shop services, and asset disposal.

With convenient locations across the United States, our technicians are ready to help you with any issues or problems you experience, no matter where your job site is. When you work with Custom Truck One Source, you and your team will receive:

  • Attentive customer support: Our 24-hour call-in center is always available, even on weekends, to provide you with a beneficial resource that will address your concerns or problems and help minimize your downtime. 
  • Affordable pricing solutions: We’ll work with you to create comfortable pricing plans that will ensure you can utilize needed equipment while conserving capital to expand your operations. 
  • Speedy response times: Our global technicians maintain a three-hour response time on average, reaching even the most remote locations with the help of our nationwide full-service facilities.
  • A high standard of equipment: All our parts, equipment, and machines undergo thorough testing and inspection by our team to ensure you have received the best and most reliable tools.

Request Your Pricing Quote From Us Today

Custom Truck One Source is ready to help your business add a high-quality vacuum truck to its fleet! Request your detailed pricing quote from our technicians when you fill out our online form. You can also contact our team with any unanswered questions.

New & Used Lowboy Trailers for Sale

Lowboy Trailers for Sale

If you’re looking for more flexibility in the amount of heavy machinery you can transport without additional permits, our lowboy trailers might be what your business needs. At Custom Truck One Source, we provide numerous models and lengths of lowboy trailers to give you the equipment to enhance how your company operates.

What Is a Lowboy Trailer?

A lowboy trailer rides significantly lower than standard trailers, usually sitting about 18 inches above the ground. These trailers are fitted with two drops in the deck, one right behind the gooseneck and the second before the wheels. These drops in the bed allow these trailer types to carry large, heavy machinery with heights up to around 12 feet while staying within height restrictions.

Lowboy trailers offer versatile use for contractors across various industries, including agriculture, oil and gas and construction. They often haul large equipment, such as excavators and bulldozers, requiring large weight capacities. These trailers can be as long as nearly 30 feet, offering load capacities anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 pounds based on their axle configuration.

Types of Lowboy Trailers You Can Find

There are many lowboy trailer types available, meaning you have many options for finding the one perfect for you. If you need help selecting yours, our professionals can answer your questions and will point you in the right direction of a trailer that checks all your boxes.

The three main types of lowboy trailers include:

  1. Fixed Gooseneck Lowboy: Referred to as an FGN, this type of trailer is lightweight and has a more extended deck that offers convenient rear loading with its drop ramps.
  2. Fixed Neck Lowboy: This lightest lowboy option with a permanent neck may pose some difficulty when loading from the front. 
  3. Removable Gooseneck Lowboy: Also known as an RGN, this lowboy comes with a shorter deck and detachable gooseneck, making it easy to drive, roll, push or pull equipment onto the bed.

Reasons to Shop for Lowboy Trailers at Custom Truck One Source

Custom Truck One Source is the leading provider of specialized truck equipment that will enhance your efficiency on the job. With our world-class team of technicians on your side, you’ll receive competitive pricing and a customer support experience you won’t find anywhere else.

When you partner with Custom Truck One Source for your new or used lowboy trailer, you’ll get:

  • In-house financing: We work hard to ensure that we can create affordable payment structures to meet the demands of all budget types.
  • Far-reaching locations: With our headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, we have grown to operate 37+ sites across North America while providing additional assistance through another 470 service bays. 
  • A continuous support center: We offer our customers attentive support through a 24/7 call-in center that has proven to resolve 60% of all customer service issues.
  • Comprehensive services: We strive to become your one-stop shop by providing a complete array of services, including new and used equipment sales and rentals, a repair shop, equipment installation, and customization services.
  • Unrivaled experience: For more than 30 years, we have been the go-to heavy machinery and specialized truck provider for the telecom, forestry, and rail industries.

Submit Our Online Quote Form to Learn More

Custom Truck One Source is dedicated to providing the high-level services your business needs to get the job done right. You can learn more about our lowboy trailers for sale by requesting your quote through our online form. For any unanswered questions you still have, contact our technicians, who are more than happy to help you!

Flip Axles
New & Used Flip Axles for Sale

Flip Axles for Sale

When you need more strength at a moment’s notice, you likely won’t have time to get your hands on a larger trailer. A flip axle trailer offers the unique ability to flip down an extra axle, which will provide you with a larger weight capacity for a more dependable transportation experience.

What Are Flip Axles for Trailers?

Flip axles are a comprehensive axle assembly that distributes the additional weight of a load. When the cargo exceeds the weight capacity that each axle can manage, extra axles are needed to ensure the trailer has enough strength to carry the load. On a trailer, flip axles are attached to the rear of the frame by using hinge plates and pins.

They either connect to the trailer’s leveling valve or are used with a hand control valve. When they’re needed, these axles can flip down either using a crane or internal hydraulics so they’ll ride level on the ground. When no assistance is needed, they can flip up or be removed.

Find New and Used Flip Axle Trailers With Us

At Custom Truck One Source, our professionals want to help you find the best parts and equipment for your budget. If you’re looking for the newest and best flip axle trailer models with high-end technology and hydraulic flipping capabilities, we will work with you to select one that checks off all the right boxes.

For those seeking to get the most out of their money, we also offer first-rate, used flip axle trailers. These trailers operate as intended and undergo thorough inspections and testing carried out by our technicians to give you the confidence you need. Used equipment is a fantastic way to reap the rewards of high-quality machines while saving money.

Superior Service at Custom Truck One Source

Custom Truck One Source offers comprehensive heavy machinery and truck services across the nation. From our ever-growing new and used equipment selection to our asset disposal services, we are the first, true single-source provider who works hard to meet your business’s needs.

You’ll always have the support you require from our team of technicians, who are standing by in our locations across North America, ready to help you. We also provide:

  • Decades of experience: We have been the go-to service provider for the last 30 years, supplying industries like telecom, rail, construction, and waste and refuse with the equipment and machines they need.
  • Equipment customization services: When you’re in the field, you need to have machinery tailored to your specific job. Our technicians can help you design and manufacture the ideal equipment that improves productivity and streamlines your process. 
  • Support when you need it: A team of 150 experienced technicians manages our call-in center to provide you with assistance 24/7/365 to ensure you’re up and running in no time. 
  • In-house financing solutions: Our team offers flexible financing and leasing options that will help you create comfortable payment schedules.

Learn More About Our Flip Axle Trailers Today

Custom Truck One Source is a trusty full-service provider ready to help take your business to the next level. Learn more about our pricing by submitting our online form to request your quote. You can also contact our team of technicians with any other questions you have about our new and used flip axle trailers for sale.

Pole Trailer
New & Used Extendable Pole Trailers for Sale

Extendable Pole Trailers for Sale

When you’re in charge of carrying long cargo across extended distances, you need to trust that your trailer will have the strength and unique features to transport materials safely. Extendable pole trailers are versatile trailer types that can meet the needs of many cargo lengths and weight capacities to help your team become as efficient as possible.

At Custom Truck One Source, we provide new and used extendable pole trailers you can use to enhance your transportation capabilities. Check out our listings on our website.

What Are Extendable Pole Trailers?

Extendable pole trailers are known by different names, including log, pipe or telescoping trailers. These trailers carry a variety of large, long loads such as timber, pipes, steel beams, and more. They have a central adjustable spine, enabling users to increase and decrease their length.

With these telescoping qualities, workers can modify their extendable trailers to meet their cargo’s needs. Many trailers can reach anywhere from 20- to 72-feet long, making them ideal for carrying numerous types of loads. These trailers are equipped with axle types such as single or tandem axles, with significant weight capacities ranging from 8,500 to 80,000 pounds or more.

Popular Industries That Utilize Extendable Pole Trailers

Due to the versatility and strength of extendable pole trailers, many companies across numerous industries find value in using them. The most common areas that require telescoping pole trailers include:

  • Telecom
  • Logging/forestry
  • Oil and gas
  • Pipeline
  • Electrical distribution
  • Public utility

Work With Custom Truck One Source

When you work with Custom Truck One Source, you’ll find a one-stop shop for your heavy machinery and trucking needs. We offer multiple services, making it unnecessary to find other providers. We’ll help you find the ideal truck or heavy machinery, work hard to provide you with parts, service the product throughout its life, and help with disposal when you’re ready for a new fleet.

As the first genuine single-source provider in the nation, we offer full-service facilities in various locations to supply you with the solutions you need. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from exceptional advantages, including:

  • 24/7 technician support: We have over 150 qualified technicians in charge of our around-the-clock call center to ensure you have the support you need when problems arise
  • Cost-effective financing options: With Custom Truck Capital, we strive to offer fast, easy, and affordable payment plans to help you get what you require while maintaining the cash you need to continue growing your operations. 
  • Fast response times: When you need help, our global technicians can get to you in an average of three hours, no matter where your remote site is located.
  • An experienced team of professionals: Our team has been in business for more than 30 years, providing reliable solutions to help companies get their hands on the machines they need to get the job done right.

Submit Your Quote Request to Custom Truck One Source Today

Are you ready to add an extendable pole trailer to your business’s fleet? Submit your quote request to learn more about pricing for our new and used extendable pole trailers. If you’re unsure which one of our trailers is suitable for you, connect with our professionals — we will work hard to understand your needs and find the ideal solution.

Shop our extendable pole trailers for sale today!

equipment hauler
New & Used Equipment Haulers for Sale

Equipment Haulers for Sale

When you’re on the job, it’s crucial to have the equipment you need when you need it. Equipment haulers allow you to reliably transport machinery of all sizes to and from the worksite.

At Custom Truck One Source, we provide new and used equipment trailers for sale that will help your team streamline transportation to enhance your productivity in the field.

Types of Equipment Hauling Trailers

No matter what you find yourself carrying, whether lightweight equipment and tools or heavy machinery, you’ll want an appropriate equipment hauler that will meet your demands. Numerous models and trailer styles vary in size and weight capacity to help you haul your cargo.

Your choice will depend on what your business is carrying, determined by your cargo’s size and weight. Some of the most common types of equipment haulers available in different sizes include:

  • Flatbed trailers.
  • Landscaping trailers.
  • Gooseneck trailers.
  • Tilt trailers.
  • Utility trailers.

New and Used Equipment Haulers for Sale

Custom Truck One Source has what your business needs to successfully and safely haul equipment. We maintain one of the largest inventories across the United States, full of products that help your business get the job done. You’ll find various new and used equipment trailers for sale, enabling you to find the perfect model that meets your budget.

Our professionals also understand not every company has the same budget for its equipment. To take what we do one step further, we offer financing and leasing options to help you get your hands on the equipment hauling trailer you need to increase efficiency. We will work closely with you to create a unique payment structure that allows you to hold on to more of your cash while making monthly payments.

The Custom Truck One Source Difference

Custom Truck One Source professionals have been supplying customers with unparalleled heavy machinery and specialized truck solutions for more than 30 years. As the nation’s first true single-source provider, we serve as a cradle-to-grave service that contractors across various critical infrastructure industries have come to rely on.

When you partner with Custom Truck One Source, you’ll experience unrivaled benefits, including:

  • Nationwide locations: We have 37+ sites across North America, which allow us to average three-hour response times, getting our global technicians to you quickly.
  • 24-hour availability: With the help of 150 in-shop qualified technicians, our call-in center is available 24/7 and resolves 60% of customer service problems. 
  • One-stop shop services: We offer a diverse range of assistance, including new and used purchases or rentals, equipment customization and installation, remanufacturing, parts, aftermarket services and asset disposal.
  • Tailored customer support: We’ll work with you to understand your business’s goals and develop a strategy that meets your budget, giving you the tools you need to get the job done.

Find Your Ideal Equipment Hauler at Custom Truck One Source

Is an equipment hauler what you need to improve the quality of your business operations? Custom Truck One Source is your dedicated provider to help you find the equipment your business needs. Feel free to contact our friendly technicians, who will answer any questions you have about our equipment hauling trailers for sale.

Request your quote to learn more about our pricing today!

Personnel Carrier
New & Used Personnel Carriers for Sale

Personnel Carriers for Sale

Personnel carriers are all-terrain vehicles that allow you to transport your crew to and from your job site, no matter where it is. They can traverse various landscapes, providing you with reliable traction and maneuverability. With these machines, you can safely transport your crew and personnel with the confidence you need in a vehicle.

They are popular pieces of equipment utilized by various industries such as pipeline, construction, excavation, forestry, and mining. At Custom Truck One Source, we make it easy for top contractors in these industries to obtain the personnel carriers we have for sale. If you aren’t sure which is the right one for you, feel free to reach out to our friendly team of technicians.

Benefits of Personnel Carriers

Personnel carriers are a valuable type of heavy machinery used to help crew members efficiently access remote work sites with less hassle. They are robust vehicles equipped with rubber tracks and an innovative flotation design that provides unparalleled traction to ensure you can work no matter the weather conditions.

Many of these carriers come with roll-over protection systems (ROPS) and seatbelts to ensure your crew is cared for. You’ll also experience the added benefits of personnel carriers, such as:

  • Protection from the elements: With fully enclosed design options, your team will stay safe and shielded from the weather while benefiting from heating and cooling capabilities to help them succeed in various situations.
  • Accessing remote areas: The carrier’s rubber tracks allow it to travel over any terrain while maintaining efficiency and strength across rocky, wet and steep landscapes. 
  • Carrying numerous passengers: Meet your crew’s needs with the ability to choose carriers or carrier attachments that can hold anywhere from four to 22 passengers. 
  • Preservation of soil quality: These machines provide low pressure on the ground to reduce their footprint and potential soil damage.

New and Used Personnel Carriers at Custom Truck One Source

At Custom Truck One Source, we understand not all companies have the same budget for their equipment and heavy machinery. We can offer you adaptable finance structures that will give you low monthly payments on your new or used personnel carrier.

Whether you want to rent, lease, or buy, we can create solutions tailored to your cash flow, ensuring you are comfortable and satisfied.

The Custom Truck One Source Advantage

Custom Truck One Source is the go-to provider for heavy machinery and specialty truck equipment for many contractors around the country. We offer nationwide support to customers through our 37+ locations and can assist any job site.

When you partner with Custom Truck One Source, you’ll experience the many benefits of our services, some of which include:

  • A 24-hour customer call-in support center ready to resolve your problems.
  • Thirty years of exceptional experience catering to industries including forestry, utilities, railway and more.
  • Customization and modification services to ensure your equipment meets your needs.
  • An extensive aftermarket service network with over 60 mobile technicians and 150 shop technicians.

Learn More About Our Personnel Carriers

Do you think your business would benefit from our new or used personnel carriers for sale? Get the ball rolling and request your quote to learn more about our pricing today.

If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to connect with our technicians, who will give you all the information you need!

New & Used Crawler Carriers for Sale

Crawler Carriers for Sale

Crawler carriers have been growing in popularity across a vast range of industries. They are specially designed machines that will change how you travel across the worksite. Whether you need to move materials or support mining activities, these vehicles will offer you many well-rounded uses to take your business to the next level.

At Custom Truck One Source, we provide new and used crawler carriers for sale on our website. Our team will help you find the right one for your business.

What Is a Crawler Carrier?

Crawler carriers are vehicles advantageous for carrying heavy loads of materials across uneven terrains. These off-road machines make traveling up steep, rough and wet terrain more convenient and straightforward, improving efficiency and speed on the job. They boast 360-degree offloading capabilities with intuitive controls for easy and convenient use.

These vehicles have rubber tracks that provide needed stability and increased traction to travel over various ground types in diverse conditions, reaching remote areas wheeled vehicles cannot. With their innovative flotation design, these rubber tracks exert low pressure on the ground, minimizing their footprint and protecting soil from damage.

Common Uses of Crawler Carriers

Crawler carriers are versatile pieces of equipment you can use for various jobs. Their unique customization capabilities enable you to add attachments such as fifth-wheels, weld decks and vacuum excavators. These valuable accessories allow you to create a machine that will transform how your job site operates.

Crawler carriers are often found in mining, construction, forestry, and pipelines for oil and gas. With the help of various attachments, some common uses for crawler carriers within these areas include the following:

  • Personnel, materials, and supplies transporting
  • Hauling
  • Water or fuel tanks
  • Drill rigs
  • Hydroseeding
  • Tac welding
  • Hydraulic cranes

Custom Truck One Source Is Here for You

At Custom Truck One Source, you’ll find a caring team dedicated to providing you with the equipment and machinery you need to succeed. We have been serving our customers for more than 30 years, giving us invaluable experience that helps us create tools that will streamline and improve your job site.

We are the one-stop shop for many of the top contractors for companies in various industries, including utilities, forestry, railway, gas, and oil. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from many advantages, such as:

  • Affordable financing solutions: With flexible payment plans, you’ll get the tools your company needs while conserving cash to continue growing and improving your business operations.
  • Extensive service network: We offer 37+ convenient full-service facilities across North America while also operating in over 470 service bays to give you access to the help you need, wherever your job site is located.
  • 24-hour support: Our qualified team of technicians resolves around 60% of all calls we get at our around-the-clock call-in center, decreasing your downtime to get you back to what you do best. 
  • Ever-expanding inventory: We offer one of the largest new and used equipment selections. Our offerings are readily stocked and available for you to rent or purchase at all of our locations.
  • Competitive pricing: Our team works hard to ensure our prices are the best on the market and tailored to fit your budget. 

Receive Your Quote From Custom Truck One Source Today

Are you interested in learning more about our new and used crawler carriers for sale? Request your pricing quote using our online form, and we’ll create a sales or rental plan that meets your requirements.

You can also connect with our experienced technicians, who will answer any questions you have.

Single Reel Trailer
New & Used Cable Reel Trailers for Sale

Cable Reel Trailers for Sale

Does your team work with electrical wiring or cables? Chances are, you need your supplies to run long distances during construction projects, road repairs, agricultural assignments and other jobs. It can be helpful to have equipment for hauling and storing heavy supplies — that’s why Custom Truck One Source is happy to provide new and used cable reel trailers for your applications.

Ensure wires and cables get to where they need to be without cutting corners. We sell economical solutions for your industry to keep your business profitable.

What Are Cable Reel Trailers?

A cable reel trailer lets your team transport large quantities of cabling. These trailers are engineered with durable frames so that you can move supplies without altering the attachment’s shape. Most new and used cable reel trailers enable you to coil and unravel supplies by employing user-friendly controls.

How Are Cable Reel Trailers Used?

Custom Truck One Source sees professionals in the telecom, construction and railway industries use our world-class trailers for a long list of projects. Our trailers are invaluable tools for boosting your efficiency, as you can stay organized and prevent cables from getting tangled around tools and similar equipment you need on-site.

Some of the most common uses for cable reel trailers are:

  • Running electrical cables underground for new structures.
  • Installing power lines in remote areas.
  • Setting up cable, phone and internet connections for homes and businesses.
  • Extending live power cables to heavy equipment during construction.

Why Customers Choose Us for Cable Reel Trailers

We get to know our customers before they make a purchase. We’ll listen to the fine details surrounding your job to suggest new or used cable reel trailers that’ll streamline tasks. Aside from having three decades of experience in the business, our team stands out by providing you with exceptional perks:

  • Ongoing support: We know questions can come up at any time. Custom Truck One Source has a 24/7 customer service line you can call to speak with a professional. Get to the bottom of your issue on the phone.
  • Remote site repairs: Tell us when you’re experiencing a problem with your cable reel trailers. We’re known for driving out to job sites when our customers need us. We’ll get your trailer working properly on a fast timeline.
  • Trailer financing: Not all customers can pay for the cost of a cable reel trailer out of pocket. Luckily, we offer in-house financing to keep your payments reasonable. Support your employees without breaking the bank.
  • New and used trailers: We make it simple to find cable reel trailers for sale. Get a brand new model from an industry-leading manufacturer, or save money with plenty of pre-owned options in excellent shape.
  • One-on-one assistance: Our representatives give you their undivided attention when you’re shopping for new and used trailers. We’ll provide you with details about weights, dimensions and features if needed.

Get an Accurate Pricing Quote From Custom Truck One Source Today

Ready to buy new and used cable reel trailers for your construction business? Get a pricing quote from our team to start the purchasing process now.

Propane Bobtails - Refined Fuel - Custom Truck One Source (7)
New & Used Bobtails, Propane Delivery Trucks for Sale

Bobtails, Bulk Propane Delivery Trucks for Sale

Propane gas is used for various purposes, from heating homes and cooking to operating industrial machines. Teams responsible for transporting propane need to ensure they have the resources necessary to get it from one place to another without leaks. Custom Truck One Source is your one-stop shop for bobtail trucks, or bulk propane delivery trucks you can rely on.

With our help, you can decide on the best new and used vehicles for short- and long-distance travel. Grow your business and make sure propane deliveries arrive on time with our specialty equipment for your industry.

What Is a Propane Delivery Truck?

Custom Truck One Source’s bobtail delivery trucks enable you to relocate large amounts of propane gas without taking multiple trips. You can take the fueling industry by storm with our new and used bobtails, capable of carrying tanks with as much as a 3,400-gallon capacity. We provide the technology you want with chassis brands and models that will last long-term.

The Need for New and Used Propane Delivery Trucks

Our staff is proud to work with companies in diverse industries. Whether you deliver propane gas to construction sites, residential communities, manufacturing plants or similar locations, we can help you operate more efficiently.

Your clients might require propane deliveries for:

  • Creating metal parts for cars, trucks and planes.
  • Drying agricultural crops for shipping.
  • Heating warehouse and storage facilities.
  • Powering generators and forklift engines.
  • Performing large-scale printing operations.

Why Shop Bobtail Delivery Trucks With Us?

The professionals at Custom Truck One Source have been serving teams in the oil and gas industry for over three decades. Whether this is your first time buying vehicles from us or you’re a repeat customer, we go the extra mile. We’re the first single-source seller of specialized heavy equipment and truck solutions, and we’re trusted by over 3,000 customers. Shop our trucks to benefit from:

  • Financing options: With our help, you can get equipment on a budget. Organize affordable monthly payments for your new or used propane delivery truck.
  • Generous call support: Custom Truck One Source has experts ready to take your call 24/7. Let us know when you’re experiencing an equipment issue, and our team will walk you through service solutions or visit you for repairs.
  • Dozens of locations: You can stop by our many convenient locations to see propane delivery trucks for sale. Ask us questions in person and make informed purchases as you grow your fleet.
  • Convenient services: Custom Truck One Source technicians listen to your equipment requests. We can customize your new or used propane delivery trucks for an additional fee.

Contact Us for a Pricing Quote Today

Custom Truck One Source is dedicated to supplying premier equipment for the oil and gas industries. Our selection of brand-name propane delivery trucks is unmatched. For pricing details regarding new and used equipment, reach out to our team to request a quote.

New & Used Propane Cylinder Delivery Trucks for Sale

Propane Cylinder Delivery Trucks for Sale

Businesses in many industries rely on propane cylinders for power, heating and metalwork. Propane cylinders are an effective way to keep a portable supply on hand for various operations. Companies that transport propane cylinders need trucks with cargo space, and Custom Truck One Source has new and used vehicles fit for the job.

Expand your fleet in a way that makes sense for you. Our customer representatives help you select vehicles that offer the technology and features you want on your budget.

What Are Propane Cylinder Delivery Trucks?

Purchasing propane cylinder delivery trucks is proactive when your business handles tanks year-round. Whether you’re running propane cylinders to manufacturing plants or warehouse facilities, we sell the new and used vehicles you’ll need to transport supplies as quickly as possible.

Find vehicles that support the weight of filled propane tanks and provide the appropriate level of coverage to keep cylinders out of the elements.

Uses for New and Used Propane Cylinder Delivery Trucks

Professionals in the oil and gas industries use propane cylinder delivery trucks to keep other companies up and running. We commonly see teams purchase new and used trucks to transport cylinders to manufacturing and fulfillment centers for powering forklifts and heating facilities.

Some businesses transport propane cylinders to commercial buildings for backup power. There is also a growing demand for propane cylinders in the agricultural sector for generators, crop drying practices and greenhouses. New and used vehicles from Custom Truck One Source are key to growing your professional network and ensuring you can bring fuel to those who need it routinely.

Choose Custom Truck One Source for Unmatched Benefits

The professionals at Custom Truck One Source create a desirable customer experience by offering perks you won’t see elsewhere. We use our 30+ years in the industry to choose the highest-quality propane cylinder delivery trucks for our collection. Advantages of purchasing trucks from us include:

  • Informative descriptions online: Our experts give you the information you want to know before purchasing. Learn about hydraulic functions, exterior lights and truck carrying capacities by clicking on listings.
  • Truck financing: We want you to get the equipment you need for maximizing profits. We’ll speak with you about flexible financing plans. Add one or more propane cylinder delivery trucks to your fleet economically.
  • Superior equipment: Custom Truck One Source carries new and used propane cylinder delivery trucks created by famous brands. Add equipment to your fleet you can trust to last for the long haul.
  • Nearby locations: You can see equipment in person prior to purchase. Stop by a Custom Truck One Source facility in North America to meet with our team. We’ll suggest offerings based on your industry.
  • Widespread services: Our technicians do everything from remote site repairs to vehicle customizations.

Ask Us for a Pricing Quote Online

Custom Truck One Source is willing to answer any questions you have about new and used equipment. Reach out to our team online to request a quote.