760 Hi-Rail Rotary Dump Truck

One of our most popular Hi-Rail vehicles is the 760 Rotary Dump.

The 760 features a 14’ 12 cubic yard Elliptical Dump Body that utilizes a 180° Rotating Turntable and a Telescopic Hoist Cylinder to achieve its Rotary Dump Function.

A Drop-Down Streetside Ladder ensures safe passage to the dump body’s bed. Important items may be housed in the 760’s 36”x18”x18” Underbody Toolbox. A 30-Ton Tow Package provides the operator with the capacity needed to haul heavy loads to and from job sites. Adjustable Spreader Chutes permit the operator to manipulate the dispersal volume of deposited material.

Heavy-Duty Railgear promotes Road-to-Rail travel.

Each truck is outfitted with our standard LED Railroad Lighting Package:

  • 4-Corner Flashing LED Amber Strobes
  • Amber Strobe (Dump Body Mount)
  • Front & Rear Railgear LED Lighting.

If selected as an option, the operator may operate the dump bed via Radio Remote Control, which effectively streamlines the operation of the 760 and optimizes the operator’s track-time.

Going beyond our standard spec, we may provide Customized Variants tailored to accommodate the Unique Needs of Your Operation.

Call or email today for more details regarding our Spec 760 Rotary Dump Truck.