Terex XTPro 70 with its bucket extended to a full 70 feet of working height

Bigger is not always better, even if it always feels like you need that extra foot of working height when you go to make that last cut. We will go over some factors we feel you should consider when making your choice. Custom Truck One Source understands that no job is ever the same, and every operator has their own way of getting the job done. We also understand forestry bucket trucks, so our goal is to help you make a well-informed decision to assure you choose the best truck to efficiently, effectively, and safely get the job done.

1. Price

Even though your mind is on trimming or cutting trees, the cost of the truck will ultimately decide if you should purchase, lease, or rent. It will also help determine if you should opt for new or used. As you would expect, with the height comes a higher price tag. A rear mount is also more expensive than a forestry truck. That fact surprises most people. Just remember that you are operating with an additional set of outriggers and additional materials to build that style truck. Along with your initial investment, new equipment for the truck, taxes, daily usage costs, maintenance, and maybe a new crew needs to be considered.

2. Surrounding Trees

How high are the trees you will be working on? Available on NASA’s Earth Observatory you will find a map generated to show the tree canopy height across the United States. Some coastal areas and plain states will rarely see a tree over 60’ tall, so depending on where you work, you could effectively choose an XT56 or XT60 to get the job done.

3. CDL or No CDL?

Do you have a CDL? Recently, finding a CDL driver has gotten just about as hard as finding a good climber. With that coveted 75’ working height comes weight. While there may be ways to cut a corner here, maybe use aluminum instead of steel there, ultimately the safest way to build the XT70 Pro, on either a forestry or rear mount, is on a CDL chassis. Custom Truck One Source offers an under CDL XT60 Pro rear mount that shares the same wheel base and lift orientation as the XT70 Pro rear mount that any licensed driver can drive. The XT56 Pro, currently only available in a forestry package, is also available under CDL.

4. Is Smaller Better?

Will 45’ do the job? The Terex LT40 with a 45’ working height may be all you need. It may be perfect for your second bucket or add to a climbing crew for assistance near power lines. While you may sacrifice some working height, you will gain maneuverability. This could allow you to gain access to locations you never would have reached in a larger truck. These are currently built on either a RAM 5500 or Ford F550, and available in a forestry or flat deck. Do not underestimate what a LT40 bucket can get done.