Fort Worth rail parts warehouse

Standing just within the NE 820 Loop, in Fort Worth, TX, Custom Truck’s Rail Parts Warehouse carries over $1M in on-hand inventory and is staffed with knowledgeable and diligent personnel. For some additional insight into what exactly goes in inside the rail parts warehouse, we had a brief interview with the people who keep things running.


How long has the rail parts building been open? Why did it open?

Our warehouse opened back in 2015 to meet a demand that was present for Rail-centric parts. We’d just started a Rail Division in Kansas City, and the Parts Warehouse was the natural next step.

What types of parts do you carry?

We carry mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical components for both work-truck and hi-rail applications. We stock and handle most replacement parts for a myriad of railgear, crane, body, and electrical manufacturers.

Whether it be a hose reel, work lights, gear parts, or a weld wheel, we got you covered.

If we don’t have it, we can certainly source it & have it shipped same-day in most cases.

How much inventory do you typically have on hand?

We carry north of $1 million of parts at any given time.  We’ve got a large customer base… we require a large stock to support their needs. Parts on hand ship same-day.

Where are the parts from?

We act as a distributor for many OEMs. Some of them include:

  • Diversified Metal Fabricators
  • Continental Railworks
  • IMT
  • Stellar
  • National

Our relationship goes beyond supplier and distributor, though. Close relationships with OEM product managers grants us insights and knowledge unseen in other parts houses. Our ties with such managers allow us to provide answers to the toughest questions our customers can think of… and if we don’t know the answer, we certainly know the folks that do.

Do you only sell parts, or does your team do any manufacturing?

We, at the Rail Warehouse, do not – but the Rail team at the Kansas City headquarters may be able to. Obviously, it depends on what the customer is wanting to do, but they’d be the guys to talk to.

What types of companies are your customers?

We sell to them all. Our customers range from Class 1s, Shortlines, Contractors, and, occasionally, commuters/transit authorities.

What, if any, has the impact of COVID been on your business?

Honestly, we’ve been lucky enough to stay pretty strong throughout the pandemic. The country’s infrastructure relies on the efforts of many of our customers – their essential status has kept us in a safe position throughout the pandemic’s uncertainties.

Is there any other important information people should know about what you in the Rail Parts Warehouse?

I’d just say that we’re appreciative of each of our customers. Not only have you helped to make us one of the most successful Rail Part retailers in the country, but you’ve kept our infrastructure afloat. Everything we do here is because of and for you.