Spec 250 Hi-Rail Truck
Aluminum: Sleeker, Lighter, Better
July 17, 2019

Did You Know that, among its many offerings, Custom Truck stocks Aluminum wheels for customers who wish to retrofit their service vehicles? Aluminum provides a myriad of benefits that improve…

Hurricane Season 2019
What to Expect from the 2019 Hurricane Season
July 15, 2019

How hard will the Atlantic hurricane season (June 1-November 30) hit us this year? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says, not too badly! NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has…

Women in Construction
Women In Construction: Then And Now
June 18, 2019

Women have found their place in every profession in the world. There are women CEOs of multinational companies, women doctors, women engineers and women scientists. Nobody bats an eyelid anymore even when women to go space. But construction? That has always…

75-Ton Reel Trailer
Load King Celebrating 63rd Anniversary
June 12, 2019

Since 1956, Load King has been setting benchmarks and raising the bar on the production of world-class trailers and other heavy equipment in the United States. A key brand name…