As winter approaches, it’s wise to start preparing for potential storms. Strong wind and heavy precipitation can interrupt your business operations for many days and may even cause severe damage to your property or equipment. Luckily, it’s possible to prepare your business for a storm long in advance. Winter storm preparedness can help you protect your assets and, more importantly, ensure your people are safe.  

Knowing how to respond to a storm is only half the battle. The other half is having the right equipment to handle the situation seamlessly. That’s why Custom Truck One Source offers specialized trucks and other equipment built to help you through harsh weather conditions.  

Predicting Winter Storms

We can know when to expect a winter storm thanks to advanced technology and expert meteorologists. There are various tools and methods to help us predict upcoming winter storms, such as: 

  • Satellite data 
  • Radiosondes 
  • Automated surface-observing tools 
  • Supercomputers 
  • Advanced weather information processing systems (AWIPS) 
  • Doppler radar 

Businesses need to heed early weather warnings and make the necessary preparations to protect their property and employees. Keep track of your local weather reports, especially during winter when storms are more likely to occur. By monitoring weather predictions, you can prepare your business for possible closure, plan to clear snow off your premises before it can accumulate or take measures to prevent property damage.  

Winter Storm Preparedness for Businesses

As a business owner, you are no doubt concerned about the impacts of severe storms on your operations and the safety of your customers and employees. Winter storms can leave your facility nonoperational due to disruptions like the following: 

  • Power outages 
  • Damage to infrastructure and road closures 
  • Falling and slipping hazards 
  • Vehicle accidents 
  • Electrical fires 
  • Property damage 
  • Potentially fatal injuries and illnesses 

Failure to heed weather warnings may leave you, your employees, and your customers trapped inside your building due to heavy snow, flooding, or road closures. You can avoid these unpleasant and potentially dangerous consequences with a proactive approach. When you know a storm is approaching, you can halt your business operations, sending customers and employees home. If you own a fleet, you can ensure all your drivers and vehicles reach a safe destination for the duration of the storm.  

Trucks for Winter Storm Response

At Custom Truck One Source, we have a large inventory of trucks and track equipment for snow removal and other storm responses. Some of our winter storm response trucks include: 

Bucket Trucks  

Bucket trucks are among the most useful vehicles to have on hand during a storm. These heavy-duty trucks can help your business before, during, and after the storm. For instance, when you know a storm is on the way, you can use the aerial platform to secure structures vulnerable to strong winds and heavy rainfall.  

Many businesses keep bucket trucks on standby during storms to restore telecommunication equipment or other aerial infrastructure. Bucket trucks can also assist with damage control once the storm passes, allowing you to conduct repairs safely. A bucket truck can benefit various industries, including: 

  • Electrical and telecommunications  
  • Tree felling and forestry 
  • Farming 
  • Construction 

Service and Mechanics Trucks  

Utility service and mechanics trucks allow you to take your business on the road. Having your equipment and tools with you is essential when traveling to different locations during storms. Service trucks protect your gear from harsh weather elements as you respond to emergency callouts. After all, you want to take care of your tools and equipment during storms so you can assist customers in need. 

Track Equipment  

Track equipment is designed to endure rugged environments that other vehicles can not. These specialized units have exceptional traction and can operate in areas that have just experienced a blizzard or flood. Track equipment can remove high volumes of snow and debris despite icy or muddy conditions after a storm, so it’s excellent for clearing lots and mitigating safety risks.  

How Winter Storm Equipment Keeps Your Company Moving

In addition to your service trucks and track equipment, you can add other resources that make it easier to deal with the aftermath of a storm. Snowplows are incredibly valuable to keep your business property clear so employees and customers can access your building. You might also benefit from a salt spreader to stop ice from forming on your walkways. Along with ensuring you can keep your doors open, these resources help prevent snow and ice buildup that could cause slippery conditions and invite liability issues.  

Generators can keep your business operational despite power outages due to a severe winter storm. Suppose you have any perishable inventory or data storage equipment in your facility. In that case, a backup power source is vital to prevent equipment damage and losses that can represent a significant financial impact on your bottom line. 

These are just a few examples of how the right equipment will help your business cope during a storm and enable you to respond to your customers’ emergency needs.  

Business Readiness for Winter Storms

Now that you know what equipment your company needs, here are a few additional tips to develop your winter storm preparedness plan: 

  • Store essential supplies: While you want to avoid being trapped in your facility during poor weather, you can’t always help it. Keep basic food, water, and medical supplies in your company building for emergencies.  
  • Stock your inventory: Road closures may delay crucial deliveries, leaving your business without stock for days. Ensure you have enough inventory to continue to serve your customers. 
  • Maintain your fleet: You don’t want your vehicles to be out of action during a storm. Keep up with your regular maintenance schedule to ensure your vehicles are operational when needed.  

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With the right tools, practices and equipment, you can stay prepared for winter and support your customers through almost any weather event. Custom Truck One Source offers a wide range of winter storm response equipment to suit any industry. Contact us today to find the right solutions for your business.