The Workhorse X2 railcar mover

The Workhorse X2, the latest iteration of our prized railcar mover, has a streamlined design that optimizes the cost of ownership and performance of its predecessor. Here are some of our favorite features of this unit:


  • A hydraulically focused design lowers overall system shock, lessening the transmission wear typically found with railcar mover designs.
  • It has a Rotobec Elite 915 MT26 Telescopic Grapple Crane. This boasts an overall reach of 26’4”, a 4650 lb lifting capacity, and a rotating railroad grapple.
  • MAXISTAB hydraulic out-and-down stabilizers ensure a safe environment for material handling.
  • In conjunction with a split-shaft gearbox and a pump drive, the Western Star 4900SB’s Cummins X15 565hp Engine powers on-rail hydraulics.
  • A single behind-cab 195-gallon diesel fuel tank consolidates the X1’s multiple fuel reservoirs into one thus accommodating 35 additional gallons.
  • A triple wall frame rail provides improved structural integrity.
  • A robust camera system provides visibility of the area behind the truck, rail wheels, and the train air coupler.
  • The train-air coupler, and 120-gallon air storage, allow the X2 to power the pneumatic braking systems of train cars.
  • A Bogie System, consisting of (2) hydrostatic drive units, with (2) axles per drive, allows for 90-degree rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise. Also, an on-board automatic sanding system maximizes traction.

If you’re interested in or have more questions about this top-of-the-line railcar mover, don’t hesitate to contact us!